Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ten ideas for the Town Hall

I've been thinking about the ideas I would propose at next weekend's Town Hall, and even without knowing the format of the event, I can guarantee I will lose any articulateness if I get to attend. So I wanted to get my thoughts down not just so I can possibly hand over a piece of paper instead of standing at a microphone, but also so I can get input from everyone who doesn't have a chance to go and try to represent more than just myself. So here's what I've come up with. Please let me know what you think and what you would add.


  1. New album. Period. Before any new tour, we need a new, full-length album.
  2. I have a whole host of issues with the usability of the website (e.g., what is the point of adding friends when you can't search them and everyone can send PMs to everyone?), but those would be better addressed to Ground CTRL.
  3. As I have said before, the points system needs an overhaul. A normal person would take about 9 years to earn enough points for anything, and the only other option is to be a lunatic who blogs every time she sneezes. I posted a list of items that could be used to earn points on the forum a while back.
  4. Although I haven't been to one, I love the brunches Jordan has been doing and would like to see those and events like that continue.
  5. More inclusion of non-U.S. fans. This could be done in several ways: live chats (video would be nice!) held at overseas friendly times to start. Maybe restrict them by geography so it's special for Asian fans or European fans, etc. Second, remember when a BN member would randomly get a phone call from a NK? Do more of these, and announce it like the day before so everyone jumps out of their skin each time the phone rings. Spring for the international phone calls. 
  6. Random Twitter contests. VIPNation does these. Out of nowhere: who wants to win a poster? I seem to remember one or two of these, but doing one a month or so would keep more people engaged.
  7. More subtle, grown-up looking merch. I'm 32. I can't get away with wearing screen printed t-shirts very often. But a simple black tee (or coffee mug) with a subtle logo would be nice. The umbrella was a step in the right direction.
  8. Annual holiday show. Who doesn't want the chance to hear a live version of Funky Funky Xmas? A charity tie-in would be even better. 
  9. Blockstock. Needs to happen. It could be like a shorter, land-based cruise. I'm thinking starts on a Saturday around 1 and ends after Sunday brunch. Fun and games during the day, evening event, all-night party, and then breakfast. This event should take place in Darien, CT. (Kidding! It should be in Boston.)
  10. I know I will get lambasted for even suggesting this, but maybe take a year off from the cruise. I think people need a break to get out-of-their-minds excited about it again. There are so many cancellations, marketing-wise I think it would be a smart move to take it away for a year. Or maybe not even a year; maybe do December 2013 instead of June.  (Update: I have heard you loud and clear in the comments and I will not be suggesting this!)


  1. Amen to number 1! I like the brunch thing as well, and a Blockstock type event would be amazing. But with plenty of notice to plan for time off, travel, etc. I really have issues with things announced a month or less before, especially when it's usually very costly! This year will be my first cruise, but I am not opposed to a year off, everyone could probably use a break. Merchandise definitely needs updating. The majority of us are 30ish or more and can't pull off the teeny-bopper tee's!

  2. I think your ideas are great just that Decemeber is hard time for people with the holidays. I would like an end of June cruise as a teacher. I think we need to lobby for Annual holiday show and Blackstock. I am glad that you think lot like the rest of us. Also the polos, more key chains, coffee mugs, the umbrella, ect.. And the new album needs to be solo, yes they can have guest artist but no more bsb, I want to hear just our guys on the album and when they finally tour.

  3. More events and concerts in the midwest area as we miss out on alot because we're not as exciting and fancy as other states..Kansas, Oklahoma need the guys in our states too..we love them and have supported them just as much..ppl will travel to our states also.

  4. Great list - I particularly like 1, 4, and 8.

  5. I don't agree with asking them to take away the one thing that they have consistently given us annually. Truly that is the one thing we can all count on. And that is the biggest gathering to see all your blockhead friends. I wouldnt mind however them changing the sail away or destinations up a bit. Everyone has the option to not cruise. I say mix it up and keep it. I totally agree with the rest!

  6. More events & concerts in Western Canada. They only seem to go to Toronto or Monteral. I miss out on lots of things as it's too expensive for me to get there.

    1. AGREED..If Saskatoon is talking NHL team cause they figure they will get Northern Ontario thru Alberta fans I'm sure those same people would come to a concert (I'm thinking Regina would be best I'd come from Manitoba for that) why can't we get a Concert!!

  7. Yes to a new album, points overhaul, more brunches and events for our friends in the mid west, west coast and overseas etc.

    No to random twitter contests. This will just lead to an overwhelming amount of spam in all of our timelines.

    I can live without merchandise but if it has to stay then yes to more mature product. Also can we get some sizes for those of us who aren't skinny bitches with cuts that don't make us look like we're wearing boxes and mumus!

    Blockstock would be incredible. Think about how you could possibly top the Fenway experience! No to a holiday show. History proves that Mother Nature isn’t very nice to BH’s. I’m sure we could easily see several repeats of the HOB disaster. She could also wreak havoc on those traveling if there was a December cruise.

    As a 3 peat cruiser I'd be sad but alright with the idea of taking a year off from cruising but I absolutely object to the idea of a December cruise. It's hard enough for teachers and student BH's to get time off for a May cruise. December is exam/mid-term time which makes it hard for teachers and students once again. Also I'm sure I am one of many BH's who have jobs that don't allow vacation during the holiday season, so there's a whole lot more people unable to attend. Plus given the age of the target audience of NKOTB it's a safe bet to say many of us have families who we'd not want to leave behind to party with our boys during the holiday season and not want to live with the guilt of selfishly spending the kind of money required to cruise on ourselves exclusively at that time of year.

  8. These are great ideas. I've only cruises once, but it would be nice if the destination changed a bit more. Even leaving out of Texas would be a welcome change. More grown up merch is much needed. One size fits most items need to be eliminated. Good list. Thanks for asking.

  9. I know you are eastcoast, but westcoast seems to get the shaft as donnie put it at jtv the most often!!!! Maybe a special event here?? San fran or la?? Or a westcoast cruise in two years?

  10. This is great Katie. I hope you get to attend.

    Here are my thoughts.
    I agree with the merchandise.
    I would love an annual Christmas show and they could have it in a different places each year so everyone gets a chance to attend one and have a live stream option for those who can't travel.
    I love the brunch idea, too. Didn't have brunch with JK but it sounds like everyone who attended loved it.
    I would also say show a little more love for the west coast. I'm sure they base the location of their events on some stats that may be the deciding factor but who knows.

    Yes, ready to have just our 5 guys on stage with new music.

    I like the idea that the guys use their celebrity to help others. Each guy could have their annual event and we would feel a little less guilty for spending so much money on them ;) I think the opportunity to do some type of project would be nice with the guys. For example, Jon could lead a group of blockheads on building a home ala Habitat for Humanity style. We could build a block! Danny could have a specific run just for blockheads to raise funds for breast cancer treatment/prevention. Joe could do something kid friendly like a carnival & blockhead moms could bring their own kids and make it a family event in the am and a performance in the evening. etc.

    Agree with the points on the website. More random prizes for members like the phone calls, etc. Random winners to be "photographers" with backstage access at each concert.

    Another DVD.

    Maybe they could alternate between cruise and "blockstock"

  11. I don't agree with taking away the cruise, but I do think they need to change destinations. Maybe set sail from another port or even hold an event at a resort of some sort. If they do cancel the cruise, I'd like for them to have another event in its place. I love the rest of the list!

  12. Agree about the merch. We need something that a normal 36 yr old could wear in public.

    Not a fan of the blockstock idea at all.

    They aren't popular enough to go to all these obscure places. I luck out because I live in nyc. I think any future tours should be small seated venues (i loathe GA) and hit the south, midwest, southeast, west, and northeast. Maybe about 15 cities.

    I think the cruise should continue, but needs some revamping.

    Never ever ever tour with BSB again.

    1. Nkotb sell out fenway and they're not popular enough?? Really?? #crazy

    2. Because everyone from all over the effin world flew in for the show.

  13. Would LOVE a new album! And a west coast event or 2 as well. Merchandise for our age bracket would be great. Half the stuff I get never gets used.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to post this. I like most of your ideas, but completely disagree with taking a break from the cruise. This coming cruise will only be my in my mind we are just getting started.

    The one thing I would like voiced is that although I loved the NKOTBSB tour, I left the concert wanting more of our five guys. Definitely in need of just a NKOTB tour...with a new album:)

  15. Hi Katie,

    Great if you could share our ideas as well! I am European, so I won't be able to attend a town hall meeting.

    I have a big issue with the quality of the Ultimate photo's. They should have a much higher resolution/ size. The quality of the cruise pictures was well enough. People should be able to print their picture on canvas. So they should have the size of the cruise pictures.

    Personally, I love the idea of an Ultimate, but the quality of the pictures is stopping me from getting one.


    PS: And town hall meetings during their European/ Asian/ Australian tour would be nice.

    1. YES the photos! i meant to say that. THAT has GOT to change. You wait all this time to get your photo with the guys and its something you could have gone to the mall to get! It's 2012 you should get a high quality photo. I can get my friend who is a professional photographer on that job ;). She'd love it. Haha, and the pix would be amazing. I am just making my point here.

      i also wanna say i am a huge NKOTBSB fan ( i love both and that tour was amazing. I don't think they'll do that again anytime soon.) if they did do something like this again. LETS GET NEW MUSIC thanks.

  16. Love all of these ideas, Katie. Thanks for starting the post (and not only that, but in an area everyone can access, not just BN members).

    I do love the idea of more mature merch - we are late 20s-30s now, not 16... while some of the bright neon colors of the past are fun at concerts, they aren't really ideal for everyday clothing and it's difficult to buy any more shirts that I can't wear 99.9% of the year.

    Now I am wishing I could think of the other things that I had thought of recently and posted to Twitter. I seem to remember there was some other act that had done something super cool that I can't remember what it was (that I tweeted to @NKOTB even.. crap!)

    I do agree that the westcoast gets shafted on a regular basis, although they have stats that a larger % of their fans are in X, Y, Z areas/cities, that doesn't mean there aren't fans in the other areas too. I know they love Boston, NYC, TDot, but there are so many other areas that get ignored on a regular basis. They obviously can't hit EVERY geographic area and large city, especially with these small events, but it'd be nice if they were a bit more spread out and not always in the same cities/areas every single time, ya know?

    A change of pace on the cruise would (I'm guessing) be fun for those who cruise - maybe a new destination? Mexico instead of Bahamas? Hawaii? Alaskan cruise would be fun, but brrrrrrr. (ok, that's just the "yay that'd be west coast!" side of me. ;))

    There are a TON of things they could give points for on the site - they should be difficult to reach and take an effort, but they need to be obtainable as well. With only getting points on writing blogs or commenting on blogs (nothing for the forum? really?) it is just kind of silly.

    I do also want to acknowledge that these guys go so above and beyond for us on a regular basis and that should be appreciated, but certain things could be improved upon as well. :)

    I'll come back when I think of what those brilliant fun ideas were that I've tweeted the guys about in the past. ;P

  17. Of course, I just remembered what one of the most recent ideas was!!!

    Madonna is doing a campaign where if you buy her cd (by xxx date) you can register your code from the CD into a drawing to win pit tickets for each show - with 50 winners in each city. I think this would be AMAZING! Either pit (which may be difficult especially since they do the ultimates and front row things, I'd be a little upset if I paid $700 and ended up behind a pit... just sayin!) or tickets to a pre-show dinner (or post-show?) or sound check or something?

    1. I just got my email from Madonna yesterday and thought it was awesome!

  18. I would suggest that they stop the last-minute or short-notice announcements to buy tickets, cruise spots, and appearances. Like you said, we're all adults with responsibilities, jobs, and children, timing can be a challenge for these things.

    I also would love a new album, think the cruise can continue as always (although an all-inclusive resort would be fun and perhaps more accessible to more fans).

    1. I agree with the all-inclusive resort! Some of my friends would love to attend. They have severe motion sickness, so they cannot or rather not be on a cruiseship. It would be nice for these people, if there would be a non-nautical alternative.

    2. I agree with the last minute notices..I would be cruising if It hadn't come up when tuition was due!Sucked watching the tix go (was online in time to get em) but had seriously just maxed card on courses and books day before!and of course none left 2 weeks later LOL..And yeah a resort would be nice (also opens possibilty of getting tickets to certain activites and not others allowing for more people to stay in area and take in certain activities instead of same people always getting on the cruise and so many others getting left out..the if you cruised before you get first dibs on tickets sucks)

  19. Love your ideas! I agree with most everything you said. Most important? NEW MUSIC! And I love the blockstock idea. I think they sould consider doing more livestream events, for those who can't afford to attend shows, or those of us who live in areas they don't come to very often. My number one complaint is we never get enough NOTICE before events go on sale. Good luck Katie, hope you get to attend!

  20. I love all of your ideas especially an annual Christmas show with a charity tie in. But if possible, it would be awesome if they could limit their general admission shows and choose seated venues instead (especially in the winter!). Fans spend countless hours waiting in the cold for these GA concerts and seated events would be much more civilized. (Okay, I'm 32 and maybe that previous comment made me sound old, but hopefully some of you agree with me). Great ideas Katie!

  21. I also agree that the last minute announcements of events need to stop. We need more notice for events since most of us have responsibilities and need to plan futher in advance. The New Year's Eve in NYC event that was cancelled is a classic example of how short notice does not work.

  22. Maybe NKOTB management can put up a similar blog like this for people to give input for ideas who can't make it to the Town Hall. It would be nice if everyone's voice could be represented, not just the people who live in 3 cities of the United States.

  23. Just want to say that the last minute thing is a huge pet peeve of mine! Not everyone can get time off work at the last second. :) (I know for me, I have to ask a minimum of 2 weeks beforehand)

    Oh, and no more BSB. I was never a fan, but I did enjoy the concerts. However... I'd like to go back to just NKOTB now. :)

  24. Great ideas.New music and Blockstock need to happen!! I don't think anything about the cruise should change though. And, as someone else said, no more BSB. It was a fun show, I have a new respect for the group, but I miss the intimacy of just us and our boys on stage.

  25. If they did do a "Blockstock" it should be more in the middle. Not on the East or West Coast. I am actually an East Coaster, but so many times I hear people from the West complaining about not getting anything. Not everyone can fly to the East for everything, so something more in the middle might work out better and no one is "left out." Also moving the cruise to December? NO! Could you really leave your child or family that close to Christmas or during Hanukkah? Plus to ask them to leave their families during that time is not right. We need to keep their families in mind as well. The summer is definitely a better time because of Donnie's shooting schedule, not to mention Danny's girls wanting to go.
    Also I agree with "Lisa," more people need to be able to give their input, so a blog by management would be a good idea. Although there would need to be serious moderation on it otherwise it will look like the mess that the message boards have become with things like "please come to (insert location)."
    And as far as a new album.... incase some of you have missed it... they are already working on it so let's not waste time talking about that and focus on stuff that isn't already in the works.
    And as others have said... absolutely NO more BSB!!!

  26. I do agree they do need to make a whole new album. I would like the the guys to come to the western states alot more. Maybe a Annual holiday show in west coast. I'am to also tried of this last minute announcements. Only to find out that the event or events will only be in the eastern states and Toronto. I do feel like the guys and myself need to take a year off from the cruise. Then come back 2014 to a different port and a different cruise location. I would love Mexico or Jamaica.

    Good luck Katie, hope you get to attend!

    Number 7 of 20 people in our dud city.

  27. Hi,
    Obviously new music is in the works which will be fab.
    I'd like things to be a bit more involved for us international fans. Video chats, webcasts. We have technology now,why can't they use it? Especially as we are BN members too,paid the same as everyone else and can only use small amount of benefits from being a BN member.
    I'd also like more age appropriate merchandise (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to send overseas).
    Good luck Katie. Hope u get a ticket

  28. Katie,

    I agree with all your points. Some additions....

    As far as the twitter contests, I think these can come from BlockNation or twitter. After all, for those fans paying for BN membership, there needs to be some perks not available to others.

    I also think that doing special events just for international fans would be great, such as webcasts or contests. They have been so patient.

    I agree with Maria's post regarding alternating Blockstock and the cruise. I have only cruised once (2011), and was planning on doing it every other year anyway, because it really was overwhelming as well as expensive. I do think a summer cruise would be great. December is such a difficult/stressful time for families with small children (mine are 10 and 5 years old) because of the holidays and travel dates.

    The merchandise really does need to be more "grown up". I love to show my BH pride, but I refuse to wear a t-shirt with a picture of Donnie that says, "Boyfriend". The best NKOTB merch items I have are the umbrella, coffee mug, beach bag, chapstick, towel, fleece blanket, Fenway jacket, sunscreen etc. In other words, the practical items. Key chains and post cards get thrown away. And if I get another thong in my 5* packet, I think my husband is going to start wondering what really happens at VIP........

    Here are some other items to consider:
    1) An NKOTB book. I would love to hear the guys stories about the come-back, reunion, and the last four years. It would need to be autobiographical, written by the guys, for full effect and intimacy.

    2) Reunions with their collaborators from back in the day, such as Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Perfect Gentleman, Sweet Sensation etc.

    3) Streaming of more concerts.

    4) Concert DVDs. I really wish I had a DVD for each of the tours. Each tour has been so special in its own way, with RCMH topping the list in my opinion.

  29. Great ideas, Katie!

    The 'Blockstock' is awesome...I've seen a couple of bands do a weekend destination 'vacation' lately. They rent out x-number of rooms at an all inclusive resort (IE: Jamaica) and have a weekend party. This might be something fun to try in lieu of the cruise, or even in addition to it. Perhaps in the winter? It would also be a lot cheaper, seeing as though it truly is all inclusive, sans the airfair. ...I feel like you'd get a lot more facetime/intimacy.

    Annual holiday concert? YES PLEASE! Heck, let's extend that one further and do a Halloween party. Of course, you could tie in any charity you'd like to raise money...It would be a ton of fun, and it would give us adults a way to feel like a kid again - costumes, candy, dancing...

    Block Nation - while it's a good effort thus far, it's still a work in progress. Luckily, my job is internet-based, so I've been a frequent blogger/commenter since the beginning. ...but for newbies, racking up enough points to win a prize is a challenge. (and let's be honest, reading 3 sentence blogs is becoming a bore.) ...The forum is a great place to get info/debate/communicate...start getting points for posting in there.

    1. To me blocknation is a bunch of bs....what was wrong with the free ning page? Oh yeah,it was free!

  30. To me,the people that can afford to go to the town hall meetings,are the same faces that get to go to EVERYTHING..its too bad there are not more things offered that aren't so expensive..I'm a fan..long time fan..and they don't know me or my face because I can't go to every event and support them..I know I will get ragged on for bitching...but I love ythem with all my heart...would love to go to the cruise,concert,brunch,5star,ultimate,town hall,rcmh,buy a souvenir....but I can' instead of griping about what should change,or the color of a t shirt..stop and think how lucky you are you get to have the experiences you are having! Katie,I agree with twitter giveaway games,as that is a lot of peoples only access.

  31. Wow, this is not a place to dump on others personally. This is a place to provide ideas on how things could be improved or changed to suit the fans. Be nice everyone.

  32. 1) Start giving us REAL notice before things go on sale...we're still going to buy things & go to all the shows...we don't need the "hurry up we need to get it now or we'll be left out" feeling.

    2) ALL INCLUSIVE resort instead of a boat!!! There are lots of us who can't/won't get on a boat for many reasons. It can still be 3-4 days without the seasickness.

    3) No more BSB...I do realize that they aren't going to fill big venues by themselves at this point...I would rather have them do another Casino Tour instead of touring with another group...unless it's New Edition.

    4) there are a lot of us that just can't travel everywhere. It's easier for a lot of us to drive 2-3 hours to a big city rather than fly 1/2 way across the country. I am fortunate that I live the same distance from St Louis, Chicago & Indy...which is great for tours but really sucky the rest of the year. And I get east coast is easy for Wahlberg & Jordan becuz they live/work there but if they could change it up ONCE in awhile...

    5) Get someone who is familiar with shipping packages to actually sell the merchandise & ship it. The shipping costs are OUTRAGEOUS. Volunteer me for that job! LOL

    6) Stop charging for BN. I have gotten better seats at face value for shows during the regular sales than what was offered in their pre-sales.

  33. K.T. very good stuff girl! I tried to post my opinion on my phone, but it did not wanna behave.

    I posted my ideas on BN cos, well, that's where the people that are able to go are coming from, HOWEVER this is a great idea!!

    I have to YAY all the things you said. Blockstock is a great idea and for people that cannot afford a cruise, or want to opt out of that, DO IT!

    I dont know about canceling the cruise tho perhaps changing the ports where it leaves from is a good idea. The cruise is a big money maker and they only have to do one .. Although 2 a year would be good from different ports, including the European ones.

    I am sure you read my blog and i have yayed all your ideas.

    If you can go ( hope you do) then can you also speak on behalf of the fans going to the overseas tours? They are saying they are not able to bring something in as a theme for their Ultimate and some are very upset about this. I think that they should explain why, or at least give a list of things they are able to bring in as items. We all should have a fair opportunity to experience NKOTB M&G equally, especially if they are paying for it just like we did.

    Love that you and a lot of other people agree with the Merchandise. We are not 12. This is not 1990 and we are not gonna ask for any NKOTB marbles. They should not be afraid of the merch. It wont get out of hand if its good quality stuff.

    I could talk about this all day long. But this is great! Good work!

    1. Regarding the Ultimate situation, it is a bummer that the word is they've put a ban on props/gifts for that. Apparently it's due to that one girl who took in the sex toys. I don't see how hard it'd be for them to just check what people wanna take in and then deny anything inappropriate, because it's not like anyone is gonna pull that stunt again, so a blanket ban is a bit unfair. The international fans just want the same opportunity for their Ultimate experience that the North American fans had.

      Personally speaking, I'd had an idea for a silly pic before the concept of Ultimates even existed, but I knew it's not something I'd ever be able to ask for. Then along came the Ultimates, and part of the reason I bought one was because if there was ever gonna be a moment when I could ask for that silly pic, this would be it. But now apparently we can't take props in, so there goes that idea.

      There are also people who'd like to take in stuff to get autographed, (I know of one girl who has scrapbooks she made of each guy back in the day that she was hoping to get signed) or gifts for their fave guy. So it's disappointing if that won't be allowed on the international legs of the tour.

    2. Good point Phee. Shouldn't take more than 10 seconds to check someone's prop bag.

  34. We know they are working on a new album so I think we can cross that off the list.

    I do agree that better use of technology would connect more fans, not just international but in US too who can't afford/travel to concerts. They did one concert webcast and it was great. I loved watching NKOTB in my living room!

    I also agree that more notice on things would be nice. However, I wonder if they give short notice so that the event is meant for people local to that area and don't want the same people flying in from all over the country. Wishful thinking?

    I think these Town Hall Meetings are a cool idea and don't know of other artists/group doing this.

    I also want to say to the people who complain about not getting enough with a BN membership--it is voluntary to be a member. If you don't like it, don't renew. If they see a drop-off in memberships, they will reevaluate the program.

  35. I think the BSB cruise is a good example of why a winter cruise would suck. I say keep the cruise change the destination.... We are still filling it with blockheads and not random old people to fill the rest of the boat lol

  36. Hi Katie!

    I love all of your ideas. Thanks so much for appealing on behalf of us non US fans too. I understand NK's can't jump on a plane at the drop of a hat but it sure would be nice to be included a little more somehow. Hell I'd be happy with a hammersmith apollo show once a year!! ;)
    Good luck! I hope you make the cut. Xoxo

  37. Hi Katie- I responded via twitter, but wanted to chime in here on the off chance that these comments are seen by the powers that be (that's you, Wizard!)
    I LOVE most of these...
    1. New Album- I think it's a given that while we all love The Block, most of us are wearing even the MP3s thin. Something new would be wonderful.
    2. Merchandise- coffee cups, blankets, beach towels, mouse pads, iphone cases, 'skins' for computers/phones... all good ideas.
    3. LOVE the idea of Blockstock or something similar. Don't know if I'd be able to swing it, but I think it's fantasitic idea!
    4. Webcasts, etc.- we have technology on our side these days. Twitter has been so great with being able to communicate with these guys. Doing a show for future tours as a webcast is a great idea. Also, remember Joe's confrence calls- those were so much fun. I love the idea of doing that or maybe via skype or something similar. I know this was a points thing on BN, but a group video chat would be fun.
    5. Love the way Jordan's been doing the brunches- small, intimate, fun. Maybe something similar or the way Joe did the book drives during the Full Service tour.... I like these little random things that let us just be normal and hang out with them for a short time.
    6. I agree with most of the posters here around the short notice, but my bigger beef is with 'half annoucements' Ex: when a tour is announced, it'd be nice to get all of the dates and cities so we can make educated decisions on what show(s) to get tickets for. I don't want to buy tickets to Chicago only to find out 2 weeks later that they are indeed coming to Mpls.
    I love that they are doing these town halls (and for free!!) and asking for our opinions on things. I think it's pretty darn cool of them and one more reason I appreciate them.
    Hope you get chosen, Katie!!

    1. The "half announcements" happen for a reason, sadly. They have to ensure that ticket sales are going according to plan before they can book (and solidify) other venues and other cites. Almost every artist does this - it isn't really a marketing ploy to get you to more cities, it's just how the industry works. :\

  38. Not sure if they are going to continue with will call only tickets for future tours for Block Nation members (after the debacle of shipping that was ground control last year). But if they do, maybe they can do something like this – for every show have someone who “wins” an “upgrade”. Like when they get to the will call window for their tickets maybe there is a backstage pass inside, or upgraded seats, bracelets to be in the front row for the “B stage”, an autographed card, anything. It would give people more reason to be a block nation member because like others have said, I’ve gotten WAY better seats through ticketmaster during regular sales. It would add such an element of surprise, it’d be so exciting and it wouldn’t cost them a dime.

    Not sure if this is something that they have considered, but is there an option for Block Nation where you can pay to just be an online member, no merch? It seems like the international shipping is astronomical, and nobody is super excited about the merch anyway.

    I think ILAA needs improvement. Maybe limit the number of tickets sold? Honestly, I’d be willing to pay more for a more personal experience. I know they have Ultimates , but they are so difficult to get (and I think should be limited in that the same people aren’t doing it in every city as they only sell 10 per show). Maybe 5* could be more of a mingle type of event (like Donnie’s Blue Bloods wrap party, or the Stingy party in NYC). They took a quick picture with each person on the way in the door, and then mingled later in the night. I know, there isn’t a lot of time before the show but I think there has to be a better way. I don’t need another picture of me and nine people I don’t know and NKOTB. (I’ve only done 5* twice, and that was one too many pictures lol) There are always the girls who jump in front of you, or hog a specific guy while Earl yells at those of us who aren’t so ballsy to leave the room. On that same note I think they have to be more consistent with things. Maybe have a timer? I don’t know lol. I’ve seen groups go in and be able to chat for a few minutes, while others are herded in and rushed out within a minute. Also – the fact that some ultimates had a large series of pictures posted and then some people have two, some people had crazy props, some people weren’t allowed anything etc. really isn’t fair. Consistency is key.

    I don’t think they should cancel the cruise, or change the season. December would be awful. However, I think that it would be in their best interests to change the cruise to late June. I have teacher friends who would love to go, but would also love to keep their jobs. Most school districts are very strict when it comes to taking time off during the school year. As far as things that need changing on the cruise – NO BEACH CONCERT. OMG. Was that even a concert? It was basically the same thing that they always do at the beach, but they called it a “concert”. It was fun, but I think a real concert should be included, especially when the cruise is advertised as having one, ESPECIALLY when they moved to a bigger boat for a “better concert venue”. If they are going to stop in Nassau they could always rent out event space at Atlantis and have one big concert there. (It will never happen – too costly).
    I don’t think that the large number of resales is indicative of a loss of interest but more a sign of the economy. Also – the sales tactic of “cruise goes on sale in 24 hours – book now or you won’t get on” has to go. People will go. People get in over their heads. They think ok, I have 9 months (or whatever it is) to pay this off…and reserve a spot because as with all things NKOTB it’s now or never.

    That last point goes for all things NKOTB. I hate the last minute bs. Either announcing events last minute, or putting tickets on sale within two days for events that will happen months from now. I get WHY they do it, but it just isn’t nice.

    1. I LOVE your ideas! The will call thing? Brilliant! I hope you are going to a town hall!

    2. Eeek! I'm no longer a block nation member (though I'm teetering on caving - damn you town halls within driving distance - on a Saturday no less! lol), and I am quite possibly the shyest person on earth. SO NOT a get up in front of people with a list of ideas kind of girl lol. If you get to go, feel free to share the will call idea :)

    3. I agree with you: "Consistency is key."

      And it WOULD be nice to have more than a few days notice to buy tickets/figure out travel plans for events, etc...

      The will-call surprises is a great idea, too! ...I know with other fan clubs, they offer free M&Gs to fan club members - you simply 'sign up' to the concert you're going to, and they pick 10 random winners to get a M&G pass for that specific show. You can only win it once, so everyone has a fair chance. This would be perfect for BN, simply because they already offer the 'signing up' for events feature! would be another nice perk to memberships!

  39. Fab suggestions! I particularly agree with the merchandise; seriously, we are grown up women now and I'm sure they can make nicely designed, classy looking stuff at a cheap cost price. Heck, I'd happily take on the job lol Even if they decided to up the prices a bit for better quality/design I'd happily pay it. As someone else mentioned, I refuse to wear a t-shirt with 'Joey is my boyfriend'.
    Thank you so much for including us non-US peeps in your suggestions, it's hard no not feel included at times. I understand it's costly to do shows outside of the US but in 2012 it should be easy to do broadcasts and live chats etc to make us feel included.
    I also love the 'get a call from an NK' thing and about announcing it in Twitter the day before so we'd leap to the phone. Yes this would make me consider getting a BN membership where as now all you get is the option to buy tix upfront, which is nice but should not be the only reason to get one. To me a BN membership is about loyalty to the guys and they in return give a little extra to their members. You could argue that they do already give the little extra but this proves my point, they have themselves 'killed' the reason for being a member.
    I really hope you get chosen Katie :)

  40. I Wish they would fInd a way to involve the rest of us in the Townhall meetings. Most of the girls from
    The South, west and overseas are unable to attend. It's just to far away. I wish they would create a ballot and let us all vote on the top five or ten ideas. Maybe even have a place we can write in our ideas.

    1. Ooooh, I like this idea! Things presented during the Town Halls get put on a "ballot" for EVERY BN member to vote on later!

    2. It'd be great if they did something like this. Get the top issues that are brought up at all 3 meetings and let the rest of us vote/comment on them. It may be a bitch of a job to monitor the feedback if they open it up to comments I suppose, but at least everyone would get the chance to have some input, (providing it was open to EVERYONE and not just BN members). Even if it's just one of those polls where you rank things from "very important" to "not important" and all the options in between, to get an idea of the general opinion as to what matters the most to most of the fanbase.

  41. Great ideas, Katie! The only other thing I would like to know is what was up with that whole photo submission thing awhile ago? Other than that, your list is great. Please thank the guys (and the wizard) for all us and HAVE FUN if you are chosen to attend.

  42. A townhall meeting on the west coast. Ah hell, ANYTHING on the west coast for a change.

  43. I agree with your list, especially new music, merchandise, and would love a Blockstock. A cruise out of the west coast would be nice too.

    ILAA--it needs to be limited--we all want our time with the guys, but it always feels rushed. The guys get tired and we get frustrated. 250 people per M&G is too much!

    DVD--I would LOVE a DVD of their reunion tour ('08). A complete concert with interviews/backstage stuff. Coming Home was great, but sometimes I just wanna see the whole concert.

    A lot of people are talking about the short notice and that's really a marketing ploy. It works--it gets us to buy things where if we had time to actually think about it, we might not do it (example: all the reselling of tickets b/c you can't go due to airfare/other issues). But I would like to see ALL tour dates released at once, but again, I know its a marketing thing and they have to see the demand before booking a venue where they can make a decent profit.

    The Town Hall is a great idea...just wish there were more of them so that others (international/west coast/south/midwest) fans can add their input as well. Webcasts are a great idea--how about a show?

  44. Ok, so I'm thinking,all the haters on here need to start their own blog and post their own opinions. This is simply one person's opinion. We all came to this site by choice and there really is no need for this kind of immature behavior. That being said, I do agree with several points. The Block Nation thing needs to be revamped. It all just seems to be thrown together. The ning site was much better. If they are charging for a fan club site now, they need to offer more perks. As someone said, we can get better seats on TicketMaster. Being from Canada, I don't get to travel much to see them so the idea of webcasting more concerts, etc. is a great way to include more people. I am actually ok with a break from the cruise too. This will be my 3rd year going, and while I absolutely love it, my bank account could use the break too. Yes, I understand its a choice, but regardless. As far as the unfairness goes, it just seems to be the way it is. I read stories of people meeting the guys on the cruise or facetime here or there, and outside of the photo-op, I have yet to have that kind of "luck". I am pretty impressed that they are at least attempting to listen to their fans with this Town Hall thing though. We have to keep reminding ourselves how lucky we are that we have this chance.

  45. I like your suggestions and agree with several others. There needs to be more notice for events, more adult merchandise....I would like to see them tour, alone, in smaller more intimate venues. The cruise, I can take it or leave it. I've cruised 2x and was beyond disappointed in the concert last year. Good luck, Katie!!

  46. See if they'll give any info on what happened with New Year's Eve. Also, thank them for stepping up with that whole fiasco and giving their fans refunds for all those crazy expenses. Shows a lot about them, and I for one was ready to be done with them after that. That was until I received a full refund from them. Now I'm ready for whatever comes out of these meetings (hopefully some good, and I can use the flight credit I now have) :D

  47. Great suggestions! Especially the one about the merchandise!!!

    One that I would like to see brought up, that I think others alluded to, is SMALLER number of 5*'s being sold. While it's great to get your picture with the guys, it would be NICE to have more than about 30 seconds with them. That was my biggest pet peeve of Jordan's VIP. There were SOOO many people, and in order to get through all the pictures you had virtually NO time to say more than just a hello. A "meet and greet" should be more than just a "hello" or they might as well call it a "photo-op"!

    I know that no matter what the Town Hall brings, if you get the opportunity to be there you will let those of us who couldn't be there know what happened. :)

  48. I totally and completely agree about new music. Pretty sure we're all on board with that!

    Blockstock would be amazing! I would totally road trip with my girls to where ever it may be.

  49. Wow some people are soooo mean.

    Relax, life is not that seriouS!!

    KT I hope you take all this with a grain of salt:)

    Meanies, no NEED for it! If its not fun why bother??

  50. Some of you should be ashamed by your behavior and personal attacks. You're grown women-act like it!
    Katie, I think this was a great idea to post your thoughts! I don't know you, but it's helpful to see ideas posted in one area, lol!! My ADHD doesn't allow for much organization! Same goes for your cruise info!! :) God Bless you and your sweet boy! Keep the info and organization of ideas coming!! #LOVE

  51. Here's a suggestion - can the owner of this blog track ip addresses of the posters? I'm sure they can, anonymous or not. Maybe if @nkotb are serious about this no hate thing they match those ip addresses with bn memberships and make sure that either those people don't win anything EVER, or drop their membership. People need to stop judging. What people post on twitter, while it is public information, is only a 140 character peek into their lives. I know I bitch and moan in half my tweets, but my life really is rosy. Judging kt's parenting and work ethic based on tweets is asinine. And I for one have never even met the girl, I just don't get the need for the hate.

    1. Yes I can (yours is, but I really don't care. The dumb thing about posting stuff where I am the one and only moderator is that it can all go poof any time I want.

  52. KT-I'm so glad you aren't letting these Negative Nellies (or Nelly I should say as all these negative posts have a familiar tone) bother you. Here's a tip to the coward who has come here to leave such posts-using the word "hella" gives away exactly who you are. I could understand if you had constructive criticism for the ideas presented, but all I see is childish jibberish.
    KT is one of the more level headed, rational NKOTB fans out there. I say this as someone who does not know her personally nor do I correspond with her on twitter. She is the type of fan I want representing us in these meetings. I certainly don't want someone whose main goal is gaining attention from the guys, by any means necessary. I am not a "hater." Please, for the love of Pete, figure out what that REALLY means and quit acting like you hate drama because we all know you thrive on it.

  53. Ok, I very rarely get involved in this kind of thing- but this us absolutely insane. This world is an ugly enough place without bringing mean spirits into something that is supposed to be fun. All Katie was trying to do was get some general opinions from fellow NKs fans on what we like & what we like to see different, which I think was a very thoughtful & kind thing to do. To turn this into anything different, is totally uncalled for & you ladies ought to be ashamed of yourselves. There is no need for personal attacks on any one.
    Katie- keep doing you. Xoxo

  54. First, I just want to say...I love you Katie! I know what a wonderful person, dedicated mother and an amazing friend you are and for people to say otherwise is just sad! Hate is a terrible thing. It takes a lot of energy to be so negative. I'm glad you don't waste your time being the same way. xo

    Now...I love all your ideas, except taking a year off of the cruise. I understand where you're coming from, but I'm selfish and I love the cruise. Perhaps if they did do an event in exchange that was just as fun and exciting, I might be on board. Blockstock, random contests, more non US activities, adult merchandise (for heavens sake yes!) and an annual holiday show! YES! YES! YES!! I love all of this!

    A couple of things I would love mentioned...

    I think for the cruise they should have a lottery for Donnie's "Backrub". I've only heard of the things that happen in the line waiting for that event and it's not pretty. Perhaps instead of random bracelets being handed out, a randomly pre-selected group of girls (like the poker tournament is done) and a list requiring ID would be a much better solution.

    I would also love for someone to plug a solo Jordan show for the cruise. I've mentioned it to him a couple of times and he said he needs to talk to the other maybe someone can mention it for him! :)

    Being from the west coast, I would just love to have more events out west... maybe even a townhall out this way. I know the east coast is easier...but it doesn't hurt to ask! It would be really nice if when they had an east coast event, they would have an equally awesome event next on the other coast.

    This has been mentioned a million times would be so nice to have more notice for events/ticket sales. I know we are a spontaneous bunch, and I'm not asking for a month...just maybe two weeks?? It's so stressful trying to throw things together with such little notice. There has to be a happy medium.

    One things you mentioned that I can't say enough about what an AMAZING idea it is...the VIP brunch/breakfast/dinner that Jordan is doing on his tour. Sitting next to Jordan Knight and having a random conversation about things I've always wanted to say to him was SO AWESOME! This is a BRILLIANT idea Jordan had and it would be amazing it could be extended to the include the entire group.

    I would love to see more activity from the guys on the BN boards. I miss the old days when we would get blogs and vlogs from the guys. I know they do a lot on twitter,and I TOTALLY appreciate that, but it would be a nice surprise to have video updates from the road or rehearsals. That was some fun stuff!

    I guess that's all for now. I'll be back when more things pop into my head!

    I really do hope you get invited to attend. You are a great representative for NK fans everywhere!

  55. One more suggestion... don't put the cruise on sale 10 months beforehand! So much can change in that length of time. Loss of job, pregnancy, etc. Then you have to find someone to buy the spot and you usually are out a chunk of money. I know it's a business, etc. but 10 months is a long time! :)

  56. Wow... so many personal attacks and you people don't even know her! And before you ask... neither do I, which is why I would never stoop so low as some of the people on here who have left such hateful comments. Do you feel good about yourself now that you said those things about someone you don't know?!?! Aren't we all adults??? Really, it's quite pathetic!
    Anyway, on to the topic we all SHOULD be focusing on.. the Townhall. Some of us will get to go, and some of us won't. Hopefully, good groups of fans get picked and get to voice the opinions of fellow fans in a mature way and it won't turn into a whine session. We need to promote new/fresh ideas of how we want to interact with New Kids in the future.
    I really like a lot of the ideas that Katie listed, as well as some of the ideas that people posted in the comments.
    ** New merchandise is a big one for me (mouse pads, iphone cases, t-shirts that aren't crew neck - more v-neck/tank tops, beach towels...)
    ** Love the idea of more holiday shows. The one in Boston at HOB was so much fun, it was great to hear songs from their Christmas album. The only thing I didn't like about the show was that it was GA. It really is hard for us shorties, and I hate the pushing, shoving and spilling of drinks that always seems to happen.
    ** I for one, would hate to see the cruise go away, because I really enjoy them, but if it were replaced with a long weekend at a resort at an all-inclusive place, that would be fun too! Although, that might make for drunker people since they don't have to pay extra for alcohol, and that could lead to trouble. If they stick with the cruises, which I hope they do, then this east coast girl, would even travel to the west coast to get on board. New ports would be nice.
    ** Someone posted some good ideas about surprises in will-call tickets... that was a great idea!
    ** Bring back NKTV! I know Donnie tweets lots of pics/videos, but the backstage goofyness that happened on the 2008/2009 reunion tour was fun to watch! I would love to see more videos from the upcoming European/Australian tour. Even if they are only 2 minutes!
    ** I would also love another DVD but they might feel that Coming Home was it. I mean, they discussed why they reunited, how successful it was, they touched on the cruise, they showed them being silly with each other... they might thing, "what the heck else do we put into another dvd that won't seem repetitive??". I think a full concert dvd or a summary of all of the cruises would be fun to watch! Or, they can show what the New Kids do when they aren't touring. They can follow Donnie around on the Blue Bloods set a bit, see Joey working on making new music, or being involved in the foundations he works with or even being a dad at home, since he doesn't seem as private as say Jordan, (same goes for Danny), and then maybe see Danny during a good work-out... stuff like that!

    Well, I applied for the Darien, CT townhall as well. I am on Long Island, so that one worked best for me. If I get to go, great. It not, I'll live. I will read about it on the forum or on twitter.
    I hope it provokes positive ideas and it doesn't turn out to be a bunch of ranting and raving.
    Good luck to all that applied!!!!

  57. I think all of your thoughts are great Katie. I do think they need to do something for those of us that cannot afford to do a cruise though.

  58. Love this Katie! I miss your blogs! Anywho.. I agree with most of your points, especially the more grown-up looking merch and the brunches idea from Jordan! I'm 22 and I don't even like to wear half the stuff.. not a big fan of bright colors with sparkles. lol I think it would be neat if all five of them did a brunch or dinner like Jordan's been doing too! Some things that I think should be brought up.. DVD's!! a cruise DVD would be amazing! It's so overdue. Also, would love to see Jordan do Live & Unfinished on the cruise! Good luck to getting picked for the meeting though! :)

  59. I am glad you got an invite Katie, looks like you will be bringing a lot of good topics to the table.

    I really like the merch. topic, couldn't agree more!

    I also like the charity idea, posted above in the comments about BH's joining the guys to help out communities in need or help fundraise for charitable organizations. Re: "Build a Block" with Jon for Habitat for Humanity, help organize a carnival of some sort with Joe to maybe help raise funds for HEAR THE WORLD, a race WITH Danny to help raise funds for Komen for the Cure, NKOTB shows where ticket purchases are donated to a charity, etc.


  60. Oh no! I had written a long idea and as I was about to post it, it disappeared ugh. Anyway, I'm trying again...
    Not sure where this would work, maybe at the cruise or Blockstock if that happens. The idea: Speed dating!
    The idea may need a bit reworking but could work something like this: Only 5 tickets available per round, they could do more rounds. Participants can either purchase a ticket or maybe there could be a contest or ballot system for allocation to make it more fair. So, 5 tables, with 5 girls, then the guys sit down and let's say have 1 or 3 minutes with their first girl, a bell rings and they have to swap seats, then this happens 5 times so they in the end have sat with all 5 girls. At the end instead of going on a date, maybe the girls can have an individual photo op with their have guy?
    I for one would LOVE to have been 'on a date' with all 5 guys LOL

  61. Loved reading all the ideas! Katie, thanks for thinking of us non-US fans on your suggestion number 5 :)

  62. Great ideas! Am a die hard NKOTB fan and a Jordan girl thorugh n through living in India. As much as I am happy about all the NKOTB events n JK solo events, it does makes me terribily sad that I miss out on everything. I really the guys should venture into newer countries (like India) and not just the regular US, Europe and Canada. We International fans love the guys as much as any US fan. I am not a blogger and since I know I wont be going to any concerts, I haven't taken BN membership. There shld be some contests specifically for Internatinal BHs, then it wld make sense for me to be a BN member.

    The idea of video calls is gr8 and yes, w/o the point system. NKs are the most fan friendly group and a vid call here n there will be awesome for us International fans who either rarely or never get to see them. They can have frequent contests for this n choose winners.

    Katie if ur going, I would request you to be please be the voice of International BHs. Have more contests where we can know them better n vice versa.

    Thanks Shalu Nag (India) @jordansIndianBH on twitter

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