Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cruise 2010 Day-by-Day Recap: Friday

Friday! Cruise day one! How great it was to wake up and already be in Miami. By the time I woke up at 9 a.m., my roomie Malina was already at the port and checked in. Andrea and I were much slower moving. I even went to the hotel gym (for a $15 fee, wth?) and we waited at the world's slowest Starbucks before heading to the port just before noon. And there we hit . . . the line.

Hey Carnival. You know when people are getting on your boats. Maybe you want to have enough staff such that every check-in desk is in use. Just an idea. We were in the check-in line for at least an hour and a half.

And then, suddenly, everything was made right. We were on the Lido deck for 30 full seconds when a nice man brought us drinks with fruit and mini umbrellas. (Note* that this was drink #1. This will come into play later.)

It was disgustingly hot, and luckily our luggage was delivered really quickly, so we were able to change into our swimsuits and take a dip in the pool before the muster drill.

From my Qik stream (sorry I was yelling, the music was quite loud):

Did ANYONE pay attention in the muster drill? I have no clue what they said. As soon as they dismissed us, everyone took off at a full sprint to the Lido Deck for the sail away party. We had a nice spot along the rail above the stage, but I guess we weren't paying enough attention or weren't vicious enough because next thing I knew there were three girls between me and the railing. So Elizabeth and I watched the sail away party sitting on the ground looking between a forest of legs.

Worth it.

Also at this point, another nice man brought us drink #2. I was really starting to like the cruise.

We put up our door decorations, and then off we went to dinner in the dining room. This cruise, thanks to no waiting in line for events, we ate in the dining room every night. After a stop in the merch room for our zip hoodies (and a failed attempt to buy shot glasses that *someone* may have found and opened), we went back to get ready for Casino Royale night. This was a fun theme, like dress to impress but (mostly) classier.

But first, the sort of game show! I say "sort of" game show because the game was "sort of Jeopardy," wherein there would be a question, but you would still have to answer in the form of a question. In other words, at no point were there answers. I freakin love the game show. It was my favorite part of the cruise last year. Can't tell you how nice it was to stroll in 15 minutes before the 10 p.m. show time and sit down in the second row. (And yet from the second row, there was still a pole directly in front of us.) Since it was classy night, I had a glass of champagne, i.e., drink #3.

The game show was a riot, due in no small part to Jon being at least medium drunk. He really stole the show with his comments about singing in bed with Tiffany and man pipes. Here he is calling "the pair of boobs to the stage."

Other highlights:
  • Danny continually pulling the podium backwards to check his score.
  • Jordan mimicking the air horn and using the small mic to make drive thru orders.
  • Joe saying "You drunk bitches better hurry up and get these answers right if you want to see me in my f*cking tux."
  • Donnie performing the first verse of Ice Ice Baby and then making up his own verse.
By the end, my face hurt from laughing. And that was only the beginning because it was time for open bar! Elizabeth and I, in our brilliance, decided we'd better drink really quickly because open bar was for one hour only, from 12-1 a.m.

Here we are at 12:05.

Then around 12:20.

12:45? Things started to go downhill.

Around 1:00 (I think?) the boys came out all looking like danger in their tuxes. It was great! I tried to tweet about it:

Boys ate tuxedo hot 1:23 AM May 15th via twidroid 
Translation: The boys are in tuxedos, looking hot.

My tweets that night also included gems like this:
Malina hads pbeen peeinbg a long tipme. I habbe eliabeyhad shors. 1:21 AM May 15th via twidroid 
Translation: It's been a while since Malina said she had to pee. Elizabeth left her shoes here and I'm keeping an eye on them.

I also have video that is unusable due to my narration. Example: "Hi Donnie. Hey, where are the New Kids? There's Donnie. I got the premium. What's that? You ain't gotta be nervous. Hey, there's Donnie." (frantic pointing at him from the side of the screen in case you missed him directly in the middle of the frame.)

Around 2:00 we ate pizza. I didn't go to bed till around 4:00. I don't remember what happened between pizza and bed, but my phone never worked right after that.

Those boys sure did look hot in their tuxes.

*Note: I think the final drink tally was somewhere between 6 and 8. Let's hope it was 6.


  1. Great summary!! Love the videos and pictures! Can't wait for day 2!

  2. I LOVED your drunk tweets!

  3. This made me laugh!!! Great Summary! And thank you because it was such an action packed weekend that it's hard to remember every funny, great thing that happened! I forgot about Jon calling the "pair of boobs" to the stage!! LOLOLOL Thanks KT!


  4. Thanks for sharing - you had me laughing out loud! I LOVE the game show video! And Jon shouldn't be surprised: even I would have been distracted...the boobs - er, Leia - was wearing a lot of sequins! lol!


  5. Was any type of gift card given for the merch...and the first drinks you had to pay for right...

  6. The game show was my most favorite time during the cruise. I was also in Group A and I think we got the best of the guys. Jon being semi drunk,he kept yelling "Vodak" Joe kept calling us "drunk bitches hurry up". Danny pretending he was humping the the podium. My cheeks hurt for smiling and laughing.

    Well you were not the only one who took full advantage of open bar. I down my 1st drink in 10 sec's then grab 2 more and double fist it. Then my friends wanted to go to their room for what I dont know so I grab 2 more just in case I was in the room to long and missed open bar. That hour took care of my buzz for the rest of the night.


  7. I was also in Group A and we def got the better deal with the game was one of my favorite things on the face hurt from laughing and smiling! The open bar hour was sweeeeet! I tried to be all girlie and polite with my one drink in my hand...I soon realized and hour was going to go by VERY quickly...and then cometh the double fisting! Katie...I was right next to you and your girls by the pool most of the evening and you guys looked like you were having an AMAZING were never too out of hand but you did enjoy ur beverages as much as the rest of us! My pictures make me laff...I started out looking all nice and put together and as the evening went on you could def tell by my hair that I was toast (LOL)!!! (but not toasty enuff that I forgot anything)!! Thanx for the recaps...they make me incredibly happy that I was there! (OH..I was also right behind you in line with the shot glass...I put mine down once they told you we had to come back tomorrow...bummer...I never did go back)

  8. I was standing by you at the pool during open bar time and I was amazed how much you all consumed! Go you with your bad selves! No wonder your texts were a little off. (Take no offense-by the end of the hour I was on drink #4, luckily I'm a big girl and was just feeling happy at the end of the hour). But you guys looked like you were having a great time!