Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cruise 2010 Day-by-Day Recap: Thursday

Ten months of anticipation had come down to this. Cruise weekend was finally here. Last year I made the rookie mistake of flying into Miami Friday morning, so I missed Danny's party and was exhausted by Friday night. This year I booked flights for Thursday afternoon (ended up on the plane with @nikkibop!) and landed in Miami around 3:30 p.m.

I made my way to the Intercontinental where I quickly met up with Andrea and Malina. Andrea and I had tickets for the Fillmore show that night, and Malina was able to score some later as they were giving a bunch away near the venue. We got concert-ready and headed over to the venue, where we arrived about 45 minutes before doors opened and met up with Marlene, plus started to see all of our friends and met new people from Twitter. My live Qik stream:

Since some girls had been in line since 4:30 a.m. and we had not, we went straight for the balcony and sat front row center there, which was great except that it was blasted hot. We were having a dance party up there and I was sweating like I had just been to the gym. I loved sitting next to Marlene, who had not seen a NK show since January 2009, so she was ecstatic about everything. You should have seen her face when I pointed out the B-stage right below us and explained the NKs would come out there during the show.

After the show, our plan was to go to South Beach to a club called Bed, where you lay around drinking on giant beds. Best club idea ever, right? But apparently clubs don't open till 11 p.m. and it was maybe 9:45, so we decided to do some pre-drinking before getting into a club that charged $15+ per drink. After stopping in the hotel for a minute, we went to Wet Willies, a bar that has nothing but dozens of liquor-enhanced slushies. OMG so good. We walked with the drinks the 2-3 blocks to Bed, chugging as we went so we'd be done by the time we got there, and chugging a very large rum-based slushie in 10 minutes = somewhat drunk Katie.

Turns out, Bed would not let us in because some of our party were wearing flip flops. Boo on them. Didn't matter because we made our own party for free on the beach. We drew in the sand, hugged palm trees, danced like ballerinas, ran in the water, and sang Whitesnake. Beat that Bed!
Called it an early night and left SoBe around 1:00 a.m. We wanted to get one last night's sleep in before the non-stop party of the cruise.

Friday recap coming soon!


  1. Katie I wish I'd met you on the boat sounds like you had a great first night!! My roomie and I decided to skip the cost of the precruise show and had dinner sat at the pool and watched the Cavs give up against the Celtics lol. It was also a very fun night and we went to bed fairly early knowing we wouldn't get much sleep on the boat due to stories from last year! Great times can't wait till next year!

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