Friday, June 4, 2010

Top 5s of 2010

So I've recapped each day of the cruise, but I haven't wrapped up the whole thing. The best way I could think to do that was two lists: most improved between 2009 and 2010 and top five moments overall. Would love to hear what topped your lists too!

Most Improved Since 2009:

5. Overall energy: Was it just me, or did the whole vibe of the fans seem better this year? I chalk it up to the explosion of Twitter. Last cruise, I knew only a handful of people. This year, it was like everyone on the boat was friends. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I did not meet with a single unpleasant person.

4. Photo op: The 2009 photo op was not ideal for several reasons, one being the severe rockiness of the boat, which obviously could not be controlled. Also I was incredibly hungover and worried I may throw up on a New Kid, but that was not a universal problem. This year the line moved more smoothly, it was easier to arrange ourselves without trying to squeeze between five chairs, and the photographer took two shots instead of one. Plus, we got the pictures more than twice as fast and didn't have to pay for a hi-res download.

3. Deck parties: Every NK participated in the deck parties this year, most of them every night. With the change in VIP set up, most people weren't craning their necks to see nothing but a dark party. The guys really put on a show. They also participated in the themes. Helloooooo tuxedos!
2. Beach day: Last year, I had a great time exploring Nassau, but it paled in comparison to beach day at Half Moon Cay. For starters, Joe wasn't walking around with his shirt off all day in Nassau.

1. Assigned seating: Hands down the biggest and best change of cruise 2010. I easily spent half my time in 2009 waiting in line. I missed eating in the dining room, going down the waterslide, and seeing all the doors. Plus, it caused a lot of fights. (The only fight I heard of in 2010 was in the line for the back rub. Coincidence?)

My favorite moments of cruise 2010:

5. Floating in the waters of Half Moon Cay: Is there a better way to spend a day than drifting in crystal clear Caribbean waters? Yes, if you are sharing the waters with New Kids and/or watching other New Kids limbo on shore.

4. The sort of game show: Jordan being endlessly amused by a microphone? Earl and Armando doing the Soul Train line? Jon talking about Tiffany and man pipes? I don't see Alex Trebek doing that.

3. Open bar:
I love c@ruise! 1:24 AM May 15th via twidroid 

2. Jon's mini concert: I could hardly believe my eyes. And then I couldn't believe them for 20 more minutes. Everyone on the boat had a smile a mile wide the whole time he was singing.

1. Joe's piano bar singalong: Even though I only saw half of it and was in the far back corner of the lounge, this was the ultimate highlight of the cruise for me. It was so relaxed and casual but still amazing. I had tears when I was stuck outside with my ear pressed to the glass, and then I had them again when I actually got inside. I wish every Joe girl on the boat could have been in that room.

Well cruisers, I think that's it for me for cruise blogs. Never say never, maybe I'll find something to write about now and then. And it's very likely I'll write something non-cruise related every once in a while. Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone who said hi on the cruise. I hope to see you again on a future NK adventure.


  1. In addition to the moments you mentioned (and a few others involving those knight brothers and a quick chat with joe at the photo op) spending time with you and the rest of the "crew" was at the top of the list for me! Thank you for being an awesome friend and especially for this great blog! It made my curising experience much less stressful! THANK YOU! Love you, Katie.

  2. Great blogs. I will miss them! I have to agree....everyone was so nice on the ship. What a bunch of classy fans NKOTB has. It was also nice finally meeting you. Enjoy your break from the guys, but ya gotta blog every once in a while!

  3. The Joe Piano bar concert was the high point for me as well. The whole trip was amazing and seeing the nk's perform was something i never thought would happen for me but to see you perform like that was beyond words. i to was crying and shaking outside that room. We were lucky and were one of the first few let in when they started so ended uop right in front of joe about a meter back. My friend and I just kept looking at each other and crying because it was so intense and perfect and unexpected :)

  4. Erin (@JKsGrownNSexy)June 4, 2010 at 10:45 PM

    This was my first NK cruise so I can't compare it to last year, but there's honestly not a single thing that I could find to complain about! It was amazing!

    The fans were all great... loved meeting so many Twitter friends... really was just amazing! My favorite part of people watching on the ship was when I'd see two people walk up to each other and say "are you so-and-so from Twitter?" - the other would respond "yes, are you so-and-so?" - followed by a big hug and "eeeekkkk!!!"... it was just awesome seeing and experiencing that over and over and over again!

    It's impossible for me to pick out a favorite moment... seems like every single second of the trip was magical and I am truly thankful and blessed for the experience.

    The guys were awesome... always, always so much fun and so entertaining. And if I remember correctly, they were all at every deck party, weren't they?

    Every event was awesome... game show (group A) was HY-STER-ICAL! Love me some drunk and dirty NK! HA!!! Half Moon Cay was amazing, parties were amazing, events were amazing, NK were amazing, friends were amazing...

    One last thing... both the NK staff and RT staff were awesome! Everyone was ALWAYS so nice and friendly and I hope they know that didn't go unnoticed! :)

    It's been 3 weeks and I can still only come up with one word to describe the trip = amazing! We're blessed fans, that's for sure :)

  5. I have told my friends and family... and every single friend I made on this cruise. Pictures and words will never do this trip justice. I have never left the country, had a passport or been on a cruise. Years ago if you told me i would be on a NKOTB cruise I would not have believed you.

    Now.... those days will ALWAYS have one of the most special places in my heart.

    Every girl near me on that cruise will tell you over and over I said "I can't believe we're all here".

    It is amazing to me the power of twitter. I met some of my now CLOSEST friends because of this cruise. It was something I always thought of - but no one I knew would go with me. Finally I posted something on ning and got some replies. I met so many amazing girls. Then i got into twitter and more came into my life. My friend Ryan lives in fort lauderdale and i got him a free ticket to the show. half way through (ps - he was singing along) he texted a friend "I have never seen so many hot and great girls in one place" ..... TRUE STORY.

    This experience was amazing. If someone told me I would have the time of my life and I imagined would still compare in comparison to this trip. Meeting Jon Knight - my 8 year old crush - was no disappointment at all... the man telling us to get on his lap for the photo op was crazy and I still feel like a giddy teenager when I think of it.

    Katie - I only met you briefly on casino night - but I truly think you deserve credit for all of the changes that happened - because those days were more fun than i could ever imagine and the ladies I met (@jksgrownnsexy @kristydoodle @jordankslmt @mferrese @nkotb311fan @monime @josce @jksblondie and so so so so many more) will always be closer to me than I imagined...

    I know others will understand when I say - it felt good to not be called "crazy" (which i deem as passionate), or laughed at for the nkotb love. they are the only group I am still a "fan" of and I think that childhood innocence gets us all through.

    Thank you Katie - more than you know - you gave us all everything from a better cruise, to a cruise group, to info, to a freaking packing list... you will be missed :(

    Thank you to everyone for making this feel like the best sisterhood I ever got the chance to experience.

    Ps - sorry so long... like i said... no amount of words could ever cover it

  6. Wow, this is all very emotional! *tear*

  7. Katie - I wasn't a cruiser but have really enjoyed your blog over the past many months. Thank you for sharing with everyone!