Monday, October 26, 2009

Second payment due in one week! Are you ready?

Cruisers, get your bank accounts ready! Our second payment of $400 is due one week from today. (If you have one of the swankier suites, your payment may be more.)

Rose Tours does not mess around with automatic payments. Expect to see a charge at midnight on November 2.

Some cruisers have already made the payment, but that doesn't mean they are free and clear come next week. Some who have paid already have told me that if you made the payment ahead of schedule, you still have to make sure that you ask Rose Tours to cancel the automatic payment. Otherwise they will pull the payment anyway.

After next week, we don't have another payment due until April 1, 2010, which will be the remaining balance. For some, that could be as little as $200 or so. For others, that payment could be over $1000! Plan accordingly!

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  1. Just spoke to Mary at RT that if you had pre-paid $400 for November 2 payment it is seen as paid, and will not automatically take an additional $400.

  2. I also got replied from Jeannie at RT saying exactly the same. Once we make a payment, the auto pay for November is cancelled.