Saturday, October 3, 2009

People still getting on the boat!

Don't lose hope waiting list peeps! Just yesterday I heard of THREE people getting spots on the cruise. I'm not sure about the third, but two were taking spots for people they knew that had to drop out.

Also yesterday, someone posted a vacancy on the ning vacancy thread. She's gotten a flood of replies already, so chances are she'll have filled it, but if you haven't already, turn on following on the thread to get an email when someone posts.

Finally, I stumbled across this thread by Heather posted this morning:
"Me and my friend are on the cruise and got a confirmation number the day it went on sale. We just now found out that even though we are still on the boat, it's not in the room the confirmation number said we were. We don't care what room we are in seeing how we still have a cabin. Just thought I would give you guys a heads up seeing as it sounds like they still aren't even done going through the confirmation numbers for people who did get on it. Have hope and good luck!!!"
That info contradicts what many have been told by Rose Tours, but it certainly would make sense for them to tell people things are finished to put an end to phone calls.

Don't forget the second payment is due November 1, so in a few weeks we'll probably have a lot more openings. (Not that I want anyone to have to cancel, but just something to keep in mind.)

p.s. Are you following (the unofficial, not managed by actual NKOTB) @NKOTBCruise? Exciting things are in the works over there!


  1. i'm come she is not on the PWL like everyone else? Hardly seems fair!

  2. After reading the post about not having a room, but having a confirmation number, I got nervous and called Rose Tours to check on my reservation. She said that was not a common thing and mine was probably OK but I asked her to check anyway. She found my confirmation and the same room number I have so I'm Ok now.I wanted to call after I received my confirmation but forgot to and then all the problems started online, so I'm glad I checked just for peace of mind.

  3. I was on the PWL until I got on the cruise because someone's friend could no longer go. Hopefully, it still helps for the rest of the people on the PWL and for the Regular waitlistget closer to a chance to get on come Nov, when and if people cancel. Good Luck!