Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Elvis is on to something

Another Sixth Man production, The Elvis Cruise, has some sweet info on its booking site.

Check out how they manage seating for the headlining show:
"The main shows will be ticketed, and you will select your seating preference when you book your cabin. You can either choose an assigned seat within a specific zone of the theatre or you may choose the General Admission Zone. When you select this option, you will select either the early or the late show, but you are not assigned a specific seat. Instead, you may sit in any seat within the zone once on board. In addition to having the flexibility to sit in a different seat each night, guests that choose the General Admission zone will receive a $50 discount per person off of their cabin fare."
Like the VH1 Best Cruise Ever, The Elvis Cruise divides the theater into 20 zones. By contrast, the NKOTB Cruise had nine zones in 2009. If you don't want the security of an assigned seat, you get $50 back! That's pretty sweet. (I'd pick the assigned seat over the money though.)

More helpful info on the Elvis site: pics of the stage from each zone of the theater. The boat is the Carnival Inspiration, not the Imagination that we'll be sailing on, but the only real difference is the color of the upholstery. Should give you a good idea of what the view from each seat looks like.

Overall, I've been a proponent of Rose Tours. I thought they were lovely on board last year and did a great job during the cruise. But after seeing more and more of these awesome Sixth Man events, I would be crossing my fingers for a Sixth Man takeover in 2011.

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  1. We could only hope that New Kids decide to drop Rosetours yesterdays old news. Cuz that's what they are! I too loved them last year. I found them very helpful and nice and I thought they did a great job. But, I guess I was one of the few that had a good experience and now with what I have seen this year, they have really lost my respect. Plus, these sixth man cruises sure seem to know how to do things fairly. It would sure cut down on drama! I hope someone shows this stuff to Jared!