Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To insure or not to insure, that is the question.

This morning, @insearchofnkotb linked to a great article on travel insurance that may help some decide what to get for the cruise.

First, it's helpful to understand the types of insurance available. Contrary to what some believe, insurance will not help you if you decide later that you can't afford the trip.

Here are the types of insurance:

  • Cancellation insurance. This is the most common type of travel insurance and will cover charges incurred if your trip has to be canceled because of a serious illness, injury, or death. If you become too ill to travel, or a member of the traveling party or a family member has died, your expenses may be refunded. This insurance will typically cover the non-refundable deposit and payments that you have already made toward your trip.
  • Delay insurance. This will cover the charges incurred for non-refundable costs if your trip has to be delayed. (Wouldn't help in this case.)
  • Medical insurance. This covers the costs of medical care if you get sick or have an accident while traveling.
  • Medical evacuation insurance. If, because of accident or illness on vacation, you have to be transported by an emergency vehicle or even flown to another country with higher-level healthcare facilities, this insurance will cover those costs.
  • Baggage insurance. If you lose your baggage or other personal items on vacation, this insurance will cover the cost of those items.
  • Supplier default insurance. If your airline, hotel, or other travel vendor goes out of business before your vacation, this insurance will cover costs that you have paid toward your trip. (Let's hope not!!)
Rose Tours offers a cancellation policy for $99. The policy covers you if you have to cancel for the following reasons (from their website): "Illness, Injury, Death, Unannounced Strike, Hijacking, Jury Duty, Court Ordered Appearance or Traffic Accident."

You aren't obligated to use Rose Tours' provider. Google "Travel Insurance" and you'll get thousands of hits so you can compare costs and options. Depending on your situation, the cost may be worth the peace of mind.

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  1. If you have AAA it covers all of the above at no extra cost. Also, check with your credit card company or credit union. My Disney Visa (which I used to book with) has travel insurance at no cost to me.