Friday, September 4, 2009

Uh oh, this doesn't sound good

It's been quiet on the wait list front. After hearing about the two who received confirmation e-mails out of the blue early this week, things seemed to be looking up. But this post by Sarah is definitely not.
"Just thought I would tell everyone I called Rose Tours today -my friends and I are on the priority wait list as well- a few weeks ago a lady there told me that all priority wait list people should get on the cruise and that they should have us all called by the 7th. So I called today b/c we hadn't heard anything and this time a lady told me that the cruise is diffentally soldout that there is no more open cabins AT ALL (she stressed the at all part) but that in Nov there is a small chance that a few cabins will open up from people not being able to pay......which is a totally different story than what I got the last time. I'm a little aggravated b/c the other lady was so positive and was like oh yea all the priority people will get on... we have tons of open cabins from all the people that got double booked it will just take us a few days to get the stuff organized. So who knows what the real story with RT is but that is what I got today."
The news was confirmed by Stacy:
I just called to verify the info and they also told me that the cruise is completely sold out! I am SOOO bummed but hopefully something good will happen for the rest of us!
The only light I can see here is that the stories have been inconsistent, and at least two people DID get confirmed this week, so all cannot be lost. Wish I had better news to report!


  1. I'm a regular wait lister and assumed this was the case at this point. When the cruise first 'sold out' I figured there were probably dozens of cabins still available due to double bookings etc. But after a couple weeks it seemed clear that wasn't the case. I never put much stock into what RT was telling people as that seemed to change all the time.

    I am confident that November and April payment dates will trigger a number of cancellations so more people will definitely get on the boat. Will I be one of them? At # 2416 of the reg wait list (which apparently starts around 2400) I consider it a possibility but definitely not a sure thing.

    If it happens - great! If not - then it wasn't meant to be and wish those that do have a spot on the ship the best of times!!


  2. So many are counting on the regular waitlist having started at #2400... the reply to that question from RT when asked directly in my email to them was.. it starts in the "LOW 2000's". I assume that even though priority waitlist people were not given numbers.. they were assigned numbers by RT for administration purposes..

    I have a feeling that with the long lead time until the cruise... there will not be as many cancellations as there were for the 2009 Cruise.

    People have the time to be better financially prepared - last time not so much.. so it could be a matter of just emergency cancellations or unforeseen circumstances happening before RT can go to the waitlist rather then people being unprepared for that next payment.

    This past year with a short lead time people booked and thought they would have the funds somehow, which ended up not being the case for alot of would be cruisers-- this year there is plenty of time to get those funds together and with the chance of not getting on the boat after perhaps being on last year and not this or not getting on and being determined to this year the pickings will be slim for those on either of the wait lists.

  3. I wouldn't say I'm 'counting' on the wait list #s starting at 2400. I've looked high and low for people with a lower number than 2400 and haven't found any. I understand RT said 'low 2000's' but their track record of providing reliable information is pretty low.

    There will definitely be more cancellations - people may lose jobs or simply have other financial priorities arise between now and then. Will it be as many cancellations as this year's cruise? Possibly not... but we really won't know until after the fact.