Monday, September 21, 2009

Rose Tours waiting till November to do roommate matches

Thanks to Vanessa (@V_nkotbgirl) for filling me in on her conversation with Jen at Rose Tours today.

Vanessa says that she was told roommate matches won't happen until after the second payment is due in November. According to Vanessa, Jen said that so many people drop out after the second payment, they want to wait for the wave of drop outs before matching roommates.

Vanessa says Jen told her that if you request to be with someone and she has the information, she will make sure she matches those pairs first. If you make payments before November 2, make sure to tell Jen who you want to be paired with.

To be paired, you must have the same cabin category, e.g., inside cabins won't be matched with outside cabins. No more than 2 people to a room.

Vanessa said that Jen also mentioned wait listers will get "lots of calls" after the second payment is due.

I think this is kind of nice. Instead of instantly being paired up with a stranger, this will give single travelers a bit of time to find each other and pair off on your own.

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