Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another priority wait lister makes it on the boat!

Just when we all thought it would be another two months before wait listers got placed, another priority wait lister gets the good news!

Posted by Erika on ning:
"I'M ON THE BOAT!! Long day yesterday, just checked email. I got an email from RT at 3:54pm est with my statement. I was like WTF, no way?? I checked my CC and the $300 deposit is pending. No call, they just booked me!! Confirmation # too! I need to start my to-do list!!!"
This one is different from anything I've heard so far, because she didn't get a call. She just got the receipt in her email. So keep checking, and don't forget to look in your spam folder just in case!

Erika, if you're out there, don't forget to start following @NKOTBcruise to plot with your fellow cruisers.

UPDATE: A second cruiser got the sneak attack email yesterday! Congrats Kimberly!
"I just made it to the cruise too. I was one of those that on the day of booking my card was charged, but no reservations made. Later RT called to confirm my info and then I got the e-mail yesterday that I was finally on the boat. I got a single match booking.....I can't believe it. "


  1. On the PWL too so this has got me excited, it's moving again. But I notice that they were on the match program. Not sure how it will be worked in for those of us who have roomates.

  2. I can't say anything about having patience, lol, but def keep the faith. I can't wait to be on the boat and have great times with the greatest people. Good Luck everyone!

  3. We are on the PWL as a group of 3 and I am concerned our chances are slim, because whole rooms of people aren't going cancel. We will have to try to get on the boat one at a time I guess?!