Monday, August 31, 2009

What really goes on in VIP?

Based on the results of the latest poll on this site, 23% of you plan to get into the VIP party area of the cruise "by any means necessary." But what really goes on up there? Is it worth it?

The truth is, I'm not qualified to say because I never went up there. But I can share with you what I saw. Actual results may vary, and if you had firsthand experience, please share it in the comments.

The first night of the cruise was the PJ party, and the only night the guys were actually scheduled to attend the deck party. Jordan, Donnie, and Joe came out and security pushed them through the crowd to the stage in the center of the deck. There they stayed, drinking and talking to other people on stage. Some party-goers were allowed to go up on stage as well. I'm not sure how they were selected or who chose them. After a while, Donnie and Jordan climbed up onto the railings of the stage and started singing with the crowd, effectively ignoring those on stage. Joe left first, then the other two departed later (I want to say around 1:30 a.m.?). Since all the action was happening on stage, I don't remember what, if anything, went on upstairs in the VIP area.

Friday night:

Saturday people seemed to expect another on-stage showing, and they were camped out in deck chairs around the stage several hours before the party. Group B had their concert that night (started at 10:30 p.m.) so much of Group A was chillin on the deck. Shortly after Group B got out and made their way to the deck, the VIP party started on the deck above. Behind the rope, a large crowd of women waited at the edge of the party hoping to be let in. Some stayed there all night, and to them it was worth it because sometime around 4:00 a.m. I know Donnie came over and got them all vodka. (This is what I heard secondhand at least, so hopefully I'm remembering it correctly.)

Everyone but Danny made an appearance Saturday night. The highlight, of course, was Jon singing Happy Birthday to Jordan, which was around 3:00. Jon made his way to the stage area for that, so at least the girls who had camped out by the stage for hours got a little something. The pictures I have of the VIP area show it very open (they're all super dark and out of focus though). I see lots of guys but not many fans. Maybe they got in after I left? The telling part is that I only have a few pics of the balcony, but 20+ pics of my friends and me having a great time downstairs.

Sunday was white night. Group A had our concert, but it was at 9:00 so we were all on the deck earlier. That afternoon, Donnie had made announcements on the ship's PA that we were all going to party till the sun came up, that everyone should get on the deck, and that after 2:00 a.m. we should all try to grab the ass of our favorite Kid.

Once again, there were a bunch of people camped out around the stage and more waiting behind the rope to the side of VIP. Since it was the last night, my friends and I decided to see if we could get in. We went inside to where another group was lined up in front of a security guard. After standing there for about two minutes, I felt pretty grossed out because I could see the guy looking us all over (surefire way to send your self-esteem to the basement). But, we were told we could go in. After going through the hallway though, a female guard at the deck entrance told us to leave. So we looped around, were told to go in again, and again were told by the woman to get out.

That was the end of our VIP experience. It was PACKED on the upper deck, both in the holding area and in the VIP area. People were tripping over each other and shoving in all directions. Trying to get in was, even more than waiting in lines, the least fun part of the weekend. (For one, there's no bar in or near the security line!) We had a far better time Saturday ignoring the VIP area all together. But we didn't waste much time Sunday either.

I have heard people who were in the VIP area say they had a fantastic time up there, and I'm sure if it had been me I would have too! But my advice is, don't waste valuable party time standing at a rope watching other people party. And don't make yourself feel like a piece of meat while some part-time security guard looks you up and down. You'll have the best time if you get down with your girls and just blow a few kisses upstairs.


  1. "But my advice is, don't waste valuable party time standing at a rope watching other people party. And don't make yourself feel like a piece of meat while some part-time security guard looks you up and down. "

    ....great advice :-)

  2. I agree with the part about feeling like a piece of meat. I waited around the VIP area behind the rope wanting to get in with one of my friends and let me tell you it was miserable at times and I felt like it was seriously time wasted. That is until the last night when we happened to be in the very front of that group, right against the ropes and Donnie came over and was hugging everyone. I got a nice squeeze of the marshmallow which made all the prior waiting worth it :) I also got to see Crunchy Kevin do a little dance just for the people waiting for VIP. The people down below wouldn't have seen it. It included showing us his thonged rear again lol. It was fun, but I would say 90% of the waiting around was so not worth it. You do feel like a piece of meat and when you see girls push their way through the crowd rudely and get in without even a blink you wonder what in the world they did to get there. Also, the pushing, shoving and in general claustrophobic feel that you get in the middle of a crowd like that isn't worth it. I had more fun when I decided to leave and ended up being down on the deck while Donnie played beach ball toss back and forth with us and dropped his cholo socks from the balcony. Katie is right too, there is no bar near the VIP area. However, security would once in a while summons a server over to get orders from us and we could get a drink that way. Those were the nice security people only though :)

  3. I agree w/both of you 100%. Friday nite was fun since they were right there. I felt bad for girls on Saturday who waited HOURS to see the guys and then they ended up roped off up high on the deck. Sunday was the worst to me. 2am start time to me sucked. Also instead of people having a good time, everyone stood in 1 spot looking up all night (morning) to see the guys..who never came down.
    I'm NOT doing a repeat of last yr. I did nothing but stare and look up lol Unless something changes 1st timers should know that they NK's weren't really out there with the crowd. And I suggest people enjoy their vacation. This yr I am going to see the entertainment that offered for free and visit the spa. If I see anyone great..if not..I won't be disappointed since they didn't mingle last yr.
    And YES the securite guards make u feel like meat. But them looking u up and down is pretty much the only way you would get to meet anyone. Like I said, this yr I am going to enjoy the cruise & all the ship offers.

  4. i watched a girl beg donnie to let her in and he said he couldn't then she said "i'll show you my boobs", he begged her not too and she did anyway. He shook his head and then let just her in (not her friend) but he didn't speak to her once she got in and he left about 10 minutes after that.

    I waited at the roped off area for about 2 hrs and it paid off for me when Donnie came over - gave me the biggest hug - told me he loved me and finished it off with about 4 kisses.

    After that i left and went to bed. i needed nothing more. It was very pushy and not much fun, but my friends had gone to bed and i wasnt quite ready since it was the last night on the boat so i thought i would take my chances.

  5. Thank god I am NOT going on that cruise, sounds like way to much DRAMA!!!!! Girls need to grow up! Everyone acts like Oh if Donnie sees me, he will pick me. That is PATHETIC!!!! This cruise is also way overpriced!!!! I'll wiat for pics from all of you! Thanks

  6. I can't believe someone showed her boobs off like that. At this point in our lives, we should have a lot more respect for ourselves than that...

  7. That's why I'm not going. Paying over $1000 to fight w/ 2000 other women for a chance at NKOTB face time is not my idea of fun.

  8. Having gone on the first cruise, the girls let in to VIP were either A) Really thin, gorgeous & drunk or B) Known to Donnie in some way (girls familiar to the guys from concerts, etc.) It was the same people pretty much every night (unless the security guys had a say & thought they could score with the A type girls they were letting in) & I know this because several of my friends made it up there for the second reason.
    I really despised that the last night, the crew from the ship were out in full force trying to get their own thing on with the drunk girls on deck. Eww...
    I too will steer clear this year from waiting at the animal exhibit to get up close to the tiger ;) I think the spa & enjoying escape from reality time without & seeing my girls sound more appealing.
    My only concern is that this year I feel like it's going to be more "click-ey" (for lack of a better word) I know that tensions may run high if certain people get into VIP when others don't & now that even more girls are going and have an idea of what to expect, I'm sure that expectations will be high. I hope and pray for no fights, but throwing alcohol and hormones into the mix may not be "the right combination" (pun intended)

  9. Anyone want my ticket?? haha jk! I am looking forward to the cruise but am worried about the drama. I would love to be able to be part of the VIP scene but I don't fit the mold...average looking mom of 3 who hasn't lost the baby weight...basically normal.....I don't plan on scoping out VIP and stalking the guys 24/7. Im sure we will investigate but we are going to have fun and hope for some face time....if it doesn't work out that I get to see the fabulous Jordan Knight for more than the photo op so be it. My main concern is the drunk girls and the stalkers who will make it much harder for the rest of us to enjoy the cruise. Will I do anything to get into VIP? No. Our time is too limited to waste it on false hopes and promises. Besides I have a wonderful marriage and would not do anything to compromise it. Not even for Jordan.(hard to believe I know but my hubby will be around for the rest of my life...JK will forget me as soon as he meets me....not worth it).

  10. So, I thought I'd share because I actually did get into VIP last year. It's really not all that amazing. I got in because I knew someone who Donnie likes. First of all, being in VIP does not mean that you suddenly have full access to Donnie. He's constantly surrounded by people, so if you want to talk to him, you're gonna have to push your way into him. I actually never had any interaction with him while I was in there, other than the one time he walked by me and winked at me. Secondly, there is no real bar up there. There is a table with some bottles of booze, some mixers and some water. By the time I got in there (probably around midnight) there was no water left, no booze, and only a couple cans of some random energy drink. I totally wanted to leave just to get a drink, but knew that I'd never get back in again. Same theory applies to bathrooms. There are no bathrooms up there, and if you leave, good luck getting back in. So, all in all, I had fun cuz I was with my friend, but I would've had the same amount if not more fun, with my friend on the lower deck.

  11. I contemplated about booking due to all the "drama" I read about the last one. Yet, the fact that I am going to have fun and meet some new BH friends regardless of the NKOTB sightings or facetime made me go ahead with it...the VIP thing is not new to the business, it happens at every concert, every m& if you are going to get riled up about it, you are wasting your precious cruise time (and money for that matter!) My advice? Go have a blast, meet new people and enjoy! If you are lucky enough to get a chance to speak to the guys, great...if not don't let someone else make you feel like you are not up to their standards just because they have "control" of the VIP section. From my experience as a journalist reviewing concerts, most of the time these so called security guards think they actually have power to dictate...they are only taking advantage of people who are not seeing straight to begin with.

  12. I have zero interest in VIP. I would rather be drinking and dancing with my girls!! Any "facetime" I get on the boat will be great...but my priority on this trip is to have a fun and relaxing time with friends. And people ask why I'm paying so much? Its simple. I love NKOTB and this combines my 2 loves!

  13. I was in VIP on the Friday night had a great time. Friday was definitely the calmest of nights to be up there that's for sure. I was invited by someone other then a NKOTB member so I spent my time with this person was able to speak with Donnie a few brief times due to the fact that Donnie does know who I am & his sunglasses fell off as he jumped over a chair & practically landed on my foot. As I returned his sunglasses & got a hug I asked Donnie if he was feeling ok and he flat out told me no I feel sick due to seasickness so after we spoke he left a few moments later. The person who had brought us to the VIP was leaving before Donnie did so I left with him out of respect due to the fact that he did not need to bring me to VIP at all. I was not gonna disrespect the person who brought me into VIP, so I was probably up there for 30 minutes but an earlier commenter was correct, no real bar, no washroom and as the weekend progressed very strict about cameras being up there.

    Sunday night after the poker game I saw Donnie again and this time Donnie told a few of us to come with him to the VIP so we went & Earl did not let us in even after hearing Donnie tell us to come with him so it is so hit & miss but after 2 minutes of waiting I told my friends there was no way in hell I was spending my last night on the cruise waiting to possibly go in so I left & had an amazing time on the deck. Wahlberg crashed by 4AM anyways.

    My suggestion take it or leave it is don't waste precious cruise time trying to get in to VIP....its not gonna happen for everyone if only for the mere fact that area is super small not everyone can get it. Enjoy the deck, have fun with friends make new ones and keep your eyes open....I saw the guys in all sort of strange places and those are some of my best memories

  14. So you reckon to party with your girls on lower deck is the best bit? - cant you do that in your local bar/club for next to nothing? If they aren't mingling, then whats the point spending ALL that money for the hope that they might?

    Dont get me wrong, I LOVE these boys but hell, thats SUCH a waste of cash. I would rather do 20 5*'s for that money with guaranteed face time.

  15. Wow, after reading all of the comments posted on here, I am so glad I decided to NOT go on the cruise. I had the deposit money ready and was ready to gut told me that it wasn't a good idea.

    I love the guys! I really do, but I WOULD NEVER waste any time waiting to get into VIP nor would I wait hours to get into any other event of theirs...especially on a cruise where your time is limited! That is just stupid in my opinion. Also, so many peeps mentioned just having a "good time with friends". Hell, then just book a regular cruise where you get more for your money? I don't know...

    When the cruise was announced the 1st time around, it sounded like the guys would mingle more, but based on the experiences I've read, that was not the case. I'd rather just spend money on concerts and 5*'s. like the previous person posted.

  16. Thank you for making me feel better about not going. I wanted to go but I always had a plans on that same weekend of the cruise. The economy has not been kind to me so I could not afford it after all. I hope to see the guys at a concert this summer and get some free face time. That is always the best. :)

  17. I can only thank you 1000000x for this blog. this is not only my first NKOTB cruise but it is my first cruise ever. I really don't like feeling like a piece of meat. so thanks for all the comments. my sister and i were talking today about what our game plan was going to be. the fact is this is a long awaited vacation for both of us. and waiting around standing online for a glims is not vacation. we are going to enjoy our cruise and let it be. thanks for all your great comments. i will continue to read.

  18. I didn't see any more drama and immaturity than I do at any other bar or NKOTB concert. Would I love to say "I got into the VIP area", sure, but only if I did so with my dignity still intact. The cruise is what you make of it, my friends and I went in with no expectations, other than to have a girls weekend, get some sun and enjoy ourselves..oh yeah, and be able to say we went on a cruise with our teen idols. I paid the $$ last year and again this year, because I had a BLAST with my friends and other blockheads. Like someone else stated, the whole VIP thing is not something new to NKOTB or the business, we are all adults we know what some people are willing to do - so be it if that's the choice they make, no reason to let it ruin your good times!

    As for the crew of the actual ship - not security staff hired by RT but actual Carnival employees; they don't just try to hook up on this type of cruise, they try it on every sailing they are on with every type of woman they think they can bed. As disgusting as it is it is a reality.

  19. I did get into VIP last year and it is fun and at the same time, there is no bathroom up there so I spent about 3 hours trying to not think about my need to pee. The area is really small so you do get to 'be around' the guys, but your time with them is limited. You can get a few hugs/kisses/and small minute long conversations with them. That's about it. You aren't allowed to use your camera, however, my friend took pictures when Earl wasn't looking. I saw a girl kicked out because she was using her camera in the VIP section, but she might of been video-taping it, which is also a no-no. The best thing to do is enjoy your trip, enjoy hanging out with your friends, enjoy the cruise. If you run into the guys, then awesome, but if not, then it is still a fun vacation. I had a lot of fun, but I didn't try to chase/or wait for the guys. We actually got pictures with them not in the VIP area, but while we were just wandering around. We saw girls waiting hours and hours for them and still didn't get any time with the guys. Have fun, you've already spent the money. I've met the guys multiple times now and I'm sure they barely remember me, they have no idea where/why I look familiar. They meet so many people/girls we can't expect them to remember us...even though my 12 year old self wishes they would. Have fun girls. See you on the cruise!

  20. I was in VIP all 3 nights last cruise and it was the highlight of the weekend for me. I had fun with my girls & the booze was free! The guys mingled and were accessible, mostly Donnie of course. We didn't hear anything about skeevy guards or people being treated like pieces of meat until the cruise was over. We were allowed to go to the bathroom and come back too so that wasn't a worry. This cruise is pretty expensive and the whole point is the NKOTB will be there. Of course I'm going to want to be up close and personal with them, if not I'd book a regular cruise. There were all kinds of different people invited in too, short, tall, big, small and in between so I don't think there was a rhyme or reason or conspiracy. I think luck had a lot to do with it- right place, right time and also level of security risk. There were some girls who were out of control and pretty nasty & I didn't even know about the flasher LOL. VIP is also something extra, it's not on the itinerary so its a big plus. I will be cruising again with my girls and we're not expecting an invite up, but it will be an added bonus if we do get one. Good luck to all!