Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you sensing a theme?

Nine months to speculate! Why not start with ideas for theme nights. Here are mine.

Pros: We started loving NKOTB in the 80s; it's a chance to get creative; it would be cheap since we either have the clothes or could find them at Goodwill; it would be amusing.
Cons: Would need to save room in the suitcase for white pumps and crimping iron.

PJ Night
Pros: PJs are comfy; everyone has PJs; my outfit cost $15 last year; easily the best people watching of the weekend.
Cons: Already been done.

Mardi Gras
Pros: Beads are cheap; it's a holiday for drinking; any outfit becomes appropriate for Mardi Gras with a few feathers added.
Cons: May see more naked boobs than I would like.

Pros: If you packed a swimsuit, you're set; grass skirts, coconut bras, and Hawaiian shirts are all cute; flip flops beat heels; would work very well with the beach party.
Cons: Are grass skirts comfortable?

Black and White
Pros: A lot easier and more flattering than only white; gives me an excuse to shop at White House/Black Market.
Cons: Pretty similar to white night in 2009.


What are you all thinking? Share your ideas please!


  1. I like the 80s night. You have to keep in mind there were a lot of hoes on the boat. just a sayin

  2. Pj Night was awesome for me, i am sensible, it was boxers and a tank. I even wore my cute little slipper boots. I do however think i saw enough cellulite to last me a life time from those girls who thought it appropriate to wear thongs and bras.

  3. LOL Phew on the "kidding" Toga idea :) I think I got stressed at just the mere idea of trying to figure out how to complete a toga ensemble! All great ideas, didn't the guys decide last year or was it voted on/cruisers ideas? Anyway I like both the luau idea and the black/white idea... PJ's would be fun--can we get the guys to sleep in their boxers? :) I think 80's might turn into a lot of people wearing nkotb shirts, aka a concert hehe. I vote no on the mardi gras because I, too, don't want to be flashed boobies all night :) Great ideas! Love it!

  4. I like the Luau since there is supposedly a beach party. As long as you don't sit a lot, the grass skirt should be fine or you can always do a very tropical sarong. That also works. Let's see, while I do like the comfy PJ idea, I just wanna say that I saw more than a fair share of butt cheeks that night than I care for. I like the 80s idea since that is when we started falling in love with them. I do like Madri Gras theme although you are right about the boobs since if we saw lots of cheeks, we may see a lot of the others too. Let's just hope these ladies can act their age and not their shoe size. So I'm all in for 80's, Luau and Madri Gras! Good ideas!!!!

  5. All these themes seem easy enough to prepare for, even the toga..lol...
    I have to agree on all your points regarding each theme.
    Masquerade or hat theme? A chance to show off a unique mask or hat?
    Jungle knight..lol..imagine all the Janes for our 5 Tarzans ..lol

  6. LOVE the black & white idea, even though it's similar to last year's. I also like the 80s & luau nights. NO to Mardi Gras boobies!!!!!

    I really like giosi's suggestion about a masquerade night - was watching Gene Simmons' Family Jewels earlier tonight & actually thought of that too. Very mysterious & fun!

  7. How bout a hometown night? Everyone can wear something that has to do with their hometown. I'm from Baltimore, so I would wear Raven, Orioles or U of MD gear, or even just a Baltimore shirt. Maybe everyone could bring a little gift for a new friend, like I would bring a crab mallet and some Old Bay. We come from all over, and it would be good way to learn something about a city that you've never visted. Just a thought

  8. Leigh I love that idea! I have enough Steelers clothes to outfit half the boat, so my shopping would be done!

  9. Katie,
    Glad you love that idea!!! I just think it would fun!!! I'm with you, My closet is full of purple Ravens stuff, so I would save money by not shopping!!!

  10. I still think PJs are a great idea, nothing better but comfort when you are dancing until 5am on the Lido deck and then can crawl right into bed. I think White Party night should get changed to Red Party. We will have plenty of opportunities to find a Red dress during the upcoming holidays. A sea of red would be classic!!

  11. I LOVE Angel's idea of a Red night - very cool! I wasn't on the ship last year so I still like the idea of a white party, but I get that you guys have all been there, done that. Any color night would be fun - white, black or red.

    I like the PJ theme too, but again, you've all already been through that.

    I can't decide on 80's night - it would definitely be fun to throw it back old school for a bit, but not sure I'd want to spend a whole night like that.

    Luau - LOVE that idea!

    Mardi Gras - would be fun, but that's just asking for boobs all night - that could get old fast, at least for the girls!;)

    Honestly though, I have no doubt that us BH's could rock whatever theme they give us - can't wait!

  12. Oh REALLY REALLY love the masquerade theme idea Giosi. Someone needs to twist RT's or NK's arms and get them to do that....
    Luau would be perfect for the beach party. I would be shocked if they DON'T do that theme honestly.

  13. I enjoyed PJ night and though I was skeptical at first, everyone looked awesome on white night!

    And I would log in so I wasn't anonymous, but blogger is being a pain.

    cdnfan75 on Twitter

  14. I vote for luau and black and white night. Of course, pj night is a given. I loved pj night last year.! I'm definitely not interested in the toga, but that is funny!

    @mustangmelissa on twitter

  15. I love, love, love the 80's theme night idea! Like totally fur sure, dude! =)

    I would also like to see an NKOTB T-shirt theme. So many fans make their own shirts to show their love for the guys. I think it would make some great pictures if we were all wearing our favorite NKOTB gear at the same time.

  16. Oh no! Not a red themed night. Be kind to us red heads....we're already unwanted step children!

    I love the idea of hometown night. Then to decide to wear University of Washington Huskies or Seattle Mariners? Oh dear.