Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More good news for wait listers

Another e-mail from Jeannie at Rose Tours gives some hope and insight to regular wait listers. Posted on ning by A Knight's Damsel:
I emailed Jeannie at RT yesterday... my question was with the priority wait lister's being placed first what kind of time frame would those of us on the regular wait list be looking at... She would not commit to any kind of time frame what so ever... These are from her reply to me..

"If we go by the past NKOTB cruise, there were many cancellations due to illness, loss of job and pregnancy etc. where we can clear the wait list./ and....

Also, in the past, people fill out the wait list who are really not sure they want to go and when the time comes, they decline which allows to us to go to the next person on the wait list.
Over the months prior to sailing, we expect to clear many from the wait list." (emphasis mine)
So you may not find out for a few months, but don't lose hope!

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