Saturday, August 15, 2009

Buy now or buy later?

It's really tempting to start shopping like crazy for the cruise, but I've been trying to hold back because I know that once themes are announced, I may regret it. This year we received the themes about a month before sailing. Maybe since we're so far ahead this time, they'll help us out sooner, but until that time here's what I recommend.

Safe Bets
  • Bathing suits
  • Beach/day wear
  • Flip flops/sandals
  • Sunglasses, beach bags, other accessories
  • Sail away party outfit (although many wore swimsuits to that)
Somewhat Risky
  • Outfit for Danny's party - there's a chance it will sell out and we don't know details yet.
  • General evening dress - I'm betting on one generic "dress to impress" night, and even if it doesn't happen, you can probably wear such a dress elsewhere.
  • Something to wear for the photo op - Last year I bought a really cute dress before finding out our photo session was at 10 a.m. I felt pretty silly wearing it at that time of day but I did anyway. You don't get the schedule with enough notice to do much.
Don't Do It!
  • More than one evening dress - There were a lot of disgruntled cruisers who bought 3-4 hot dresses last year before themes were announced and were stuck buying more to fit the themes.
  • Anything with a theme in mind - I've come close to buying another white dress now because it was so hard to find white in April, but I figure as soon as I do, they'll decide to do pink night instead.
Most everyone will tell you that they overpacked for 2009. I only brought a carry on, and I STILL had more than I needed. In general, you'll need swimsuits, a cover-up, a couple tank tops and shorts, and your theme outfits.

(p.s. I've been having a good time on the J Crew Summer clearance site. Their $50 swimsuit tops are down to $19.99. Bad news: sale items can't be exchanged or returned.)

If you're confirmed on the cruise, please send a follow request to @NKOTBCruise. (Disclaimer: this is an unofficial, fan-run account.)


  1. kimmiek291976 said... My mom and I over packed too. I also saw girls freaking because of the wind. This isn't like "the Love Boat"..YOUR HAIR WILL BE ALL OVER! Also..HOT during the day..cold @ night!If you want to follow the themes don't be upset if they don't notice. Sorry to say but last yr they stayed on the Lido Deck most of the time roped off. Don't go nuts cuz they prob won't see it anyways. Alot of people bought stuff for Jordan and Dannys b-day..u couldnt give it to them last put it on a table and then security delivered the stuff to them. Also..if you like pop/ it in Miami & bring it on the boat. It's not included, and it's $5 a can!! And for those who didn't go last're photo op will last 10 seconds and be in groups of 10. You cannot bring anything with purse..sunglasses..nothing! So make those seconds count!! And if they have a decorate your door contest again..bring tape! They told cruisers the doors were metal! THEY WEREN'T!! Also don't spend alot..there were so many doors decorated and we found out the girl that won was a friend of theirs from Boston and that only Jon & Danny went to 2 floors to look and that was it. We spent $60 for stuff that no one saw.Also there is ONE outlet in the room..bring an extention cord. Also you can only call room to room on the ship, so don't buy a phone card. Plus once in the Bahamas the rates on the cell go way up! $4 a minute!! Also..take advantage of all the stuff the cruise offers. So many people didn't do anything cuz they were looking for the guys all the time. Unless it changes this yr..they didn't roam much. Enjoy the free shows..putt putt and spa. Think of this as a vacation too..with them as an added perk. Don't know if this helps anyone but it's stuff I could have used last year haha Any other questions feel free to email me!

  2. You rock! I can't wait to finally meet you, even if it is just a casual "hello" in passing. @angiringsitup