Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update from Rose Tours

Just read this very helpful post from "a knights damsel" on ning. Gives a good view of the status of both waitlists. Also saw that several people signed up for the waitlist twice (once with each cabin option), so the list may be shorter than the numbers make it appear.

My understanding from Rose Tours is that it will take them until at least Wednesday (according to the man I spoke with) to sort through the mess with the online reservations. They are clearing credit cards (many incorrect #'s/exp dates/declined nsf etc), cleaning up multiple bookings and cancelling those bookings, and then they have to check the cabin inventory in general to be sure it actually is a complete sell out.....

They will also need to organize the wait lists into categories according to what people have requested on their forms... ie -- inside/outside/#of people per cabin etc.... then there will be incorrect info on that list as well and people who have wait listed themselves numerous times... Rose Tours has their work cut out for them.......

There will probably be cabins available before November. I have a feeling this is a bigger mess then any of us realize.

Update: The thread on ning was deleted as a duplicate.


  1. I figured this was the case. Thursday was such a mess. More than likely it will take them a few weeks to just sort out the mess from Thursday before they even have a chance to start calling people on the wait list. At this point I've done what I can. If I get a call it was meant to be.

    Thanks for keeping us all updated.

  2. Hi Katie...

    That is the entry I made earlier today on the forums on The info came from 2 phone calls over 2 days with 2 different RT staffers.It made perfect sense once I heard it and helped ease some of my wait list anxiety - so I thought I would share the info hoping to cheer up other waitlister's...

    Not sure that the thread is still there though, and don't know why it would be deleted cause it was not a "drama ridden or conflict evoking" thread... hmmmmmm.... I can only wonder. : )


  3. Gayle, thanks so much for passing the info along! I'm glad I was able to snag it before it disappeared for mysterious reasons.

  4. Would love to know why it disappeared.. it was an over all positive post. It was literally there one minute and gone the next...

    Wonder if it was considered a duplication of so many other Wait List posts and deleted without it being completely read through? Or perhaps the OP took it down herself for some reason.

    Either that or drama broke out and I missed it! (darn!!) LOL

    Love the new blog spot Katie! I will be checking it often!


  5. Thanks for keeping us all posted! Sister & I are on regular waitlist & hoping for a spot on the boat!!