Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another week for wait list news?

Last Friday, word from Rose Tours was that it would take them until mid-week (i.e., today) to get things sorted with the priority wait list. Now they're saying they need ANOTHER week.

From ning:
Someone just posted on twitter that they called RT and was told it would take them at least another week to sort out the mess!! UGH I still have $600 charged on my CC with no cabin!

Here's the thread. I'll keep an eye on it.


  1. Oh Katie! Thanks for the info!! Rose Tours is killing me with the suspense though! If its taking this long for priority waitlist, just sitting here shaking my head about how long it will take regular waitlisters to find out anything!


  2. I too am so anxious! I'm on the "priority" list & my roomies card has been charged. I think I'm happy it has been charged....I know it doesn't guarantee a room but I can still hope! I'm sure RT has got a lot of mess to sort through. I guess I gotta suck it up & be patient....but its killing me!! Lol! :o)

  3. Have you ever heard or seen on the last cruise about the guys "personally inviting" girls onto the cruise. Would RT have rooms set aside for this? I follow some girls on Twitter who say they have been in contact with one of the guys and he invited them on! This could be B.S too. Pretty sad grown women would make it up!

  4. I haven't heard of girls getting personally invited, but I'm sure they do hold some rooms for contest winners, friends/family, members of the media like Amy Paffrath, etc.