Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Priority wait listers getting confirmations!

I'm sure you all saw this morning that priority wait listers were starting to get calls offering rooms! Great news!! Now the details are starting to come out.

They called at 11:53 CST. They collected all my information again and asked what i was originally trying to book, and I told her in the confusion i didn't remember. She asked if we cared which room we got. I told her i just wanted on the boat. She asked if i was looking for the cheapest option and I told her no and gave her my price range and she said she would be in touch soon with our room assignment. So we are on the boat, just not sure where yet :)
No numbers, but she mentioned they had a lot of open cabins.
In the same thread, they counted up 26 on the priority wait list, not far off of the 22 that responded to the poll on this site last week. I only know of 6 or so who received calls today (obviously there could, and probably are, more).

Good luck everyone! Please let us know how you make out!

And, as you get confirmed, please send a follow request to @NKOTBcruise. (Standard disclaimer: this is an unofficial, fan-run account.)

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  1. Add me to that count of called. I actually got a letter dated Aug 12th, received on Tuesday to call RT regarding the cruise. I called Christy and it was to notify me that I was charged when booking a room and that I would be placed on the priority list. She wanted to get all my contact information so they may contact me when a room becomes available. I didn't post on ning yet so you won't have me counted. I got my bank statement and the charge has since been reversed.