Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News on the wait list . . . isn't much

For the past few days, I've been getting a lot of inquires about the wait lists, priority and otherwise. I haven't posted about this lately because there's not much to report. Here's what I can dredge up:
  • From several sources: Rose Tours has been asking people NOT to post when they are contacted, because every time someone posts that they got a call for a cabin, RT gets a million calls, making it harder for them to continue down the list.

  • Some have reported returning calls from RT this week, at which point they were asked only to confirm their information.

  • @elizamallari said her friend on the priority wait list received a call yesterday (Monday, 8/24) from RT confirming she is on the boat, so some calls are still being made.

  • There are at least 32 people on the priority wait list. Some are just now finding out they're priority status; instead of phone calls, they received letters in the mail. For those in Europe, that took quite a while.

  • Information from RT is conflicting. Says Karen: "My last call with RT the woman said they were now finding it hard to find cabins for those on PWL and were relying on people dropping out. I'm confused! She then said in her next breath that they were still sorting through double bookings?"
So that's what I know. Sorry it's not much! If I hear anything new I will keep you posted.

And please, as you are confirmed, send a follow request to @NKOTBCruise so you can get involved in something really special we're planning for onboard. (Since this is a surprise for the guys, they are not involved in this account.)

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  1. I called RT last week and the lady I spoke to (which wasn't very nice) said they have not even started calling people and it probably will not be until closer to the sail date. I think she may have been just saying that because they were getting several calls.
    My wait list number is 2695 so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get a call! Then me and my best friend can join you guys for the surprise!