Monday, August 17, 2009

Clarification from Jeannie at Rose Tours about wait list

A very helpful post from Angela on ning. Thanks @BrandiLin1202 for the heads up!
I emailed Jeannie @ RT's and she would only release that the waitlist started in her words verbatim, "just over 2000". So the girl on here who claims to have #1500, well you've been outed I too am very impressed with Jeannie to be so kind to take her time to answer all of our questions. She's so patient, and kind! She said she is happy to help in anyway, just ask!

In addition, I asked Jeannie to clear up some confusion (drama) that seemed to be floating around with the waitlist. Jeannie is so sweet and sd that she thinks that her words might have been twisted! :0) Anyway, here is the thread between us:

My question:

Okay, some girls have stated that they have received emails from Rose Tours indicating that they are on the waitlist but that they might not know if they will be guaranteed a room until just about cruise time. Can you explain please?
Jeannie's response:

I think my words may have been twisted:) I said that we have cancellations all the time, even up to sailing. As a cabin becomes available, we will contact the next person on the wait list and offer it to them, so we will be clearing the wait list all the time. If someone cancels 1 week prior to sailing and we still have a wait list, we will contact them. We will try to get as many passengers onboard as we can. I hope this clears the wait list policy for you.

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  1. I have a question....what is the difference between the priority wait list and the regular wait list. I am number 2695 so I am losing hope of being able to go but I am staying positive!!

    How do you get on the priority wait list if there is a difference??