Saturday, August 8, 2009

No Upgrades This Year

Hoping for a 6E when you booked a 4B? It will be tougher this year to get there. Rose Tours has said they are not doing upgrades this year. The only thing they are offering is rebooking to another room at a 25% penalty.

That means if you booked a room that is $999 and by some miracle a 6E comes available (after the wait list is gone), you would have to find and book that room on your own, then pay a $250 penalty for the change. Ouch.


  1. Yeah, as soon as I heard that I was like no way. Our seats are going to be too close to give them up! Right, KT? :-)


  2. that sucks. I really wanted 6E but couldn't get it and was hoping to maybe upgrade later. At least I'm on the boat. Feel sorry for those who couldn't even book.