Monday, August 17, 2009

First news on the regular wait list!

Posted yesterday on ning:
Jeannie rocks!! I e-mailed her just to ask about the waiting list (i am number 2440) and she said they are starting to look at it and they just literally go down the list in number order and contact people. She said vacancies became available last year all the way to sail date so keep positive!
Doesn't look like there is an ETA on when the calls will happen yet, and the last word was that it will take them a few more weeks to get the priority list figured out, but this is good news for wait listers!

Update: From @rmr6677 this morning, "Spoke to Mary from RT today. She said they 'haven't even looked at Priority WL' but "expect it to be dealt with in a few weeks.'"

Update 2: From @JordansPearl:
I spoke to them this morning, and it isn't any good news. They told me it could be a couple of weeks to a couple of months to even until November when they expect the second payment. They are still going through the double bookings and bad credit and stuff. But she remains to assure me that there will be cancellations all the way up til sail date and folks on the priority list will be notified first. I tried to ask how they go through the list, but she said she was not able to give that information out. Someone on twitter said a couple of weeks. Guess they can't or won't give a timeline as to when. Guess at this point assuming that it's still all sold out and nothings available yet. =(. She said that they would give ample time to notifiy people before sale date to availability to cabins.

If you're confirmed on the cruise, please send a follow request to @NKOTBCruise. (Disclaimer: this is an unofficial, fan-run account. Don't be expecting any tweets from Jon or something!)


  1. Is it just me or doesn't priority mean you are on the top of the list? SO why would regular waitlisters know anything first? I am glad they are answering people though that is positive. I emailed them 3 weeks ago and still havent heard back.

  2. I am on the Priority Wait List and I wish that was on the top of the list. But there are many I think on the Priority wait list. They would know before the regular waitlist. Update 2: probably belongs with the Priority Waitlist blog below.