Thursday, August 13, 2009

This can't be right, right?

We all know by now Rose Tours rarely gives the same answer twice, so let's hope this answer is really, really not accurate. I'm only paying it any attention because Jeannie is the one who answers the emails.
I emailed Rose Tours about adding a fourth passenger to my 4-passenger capacity cabin and they told me I couldn't just add her to my reservation, I had to put her on the waiting list and hope that they made it to her name before they ran out of room. I don't understand this...why shouldn't you be able to just request to add a passenger to your cabin if you have a vacancy?
To me, this makes no sense. What is she going to do on the wait list? And presumably they wouldn't stick a random passenger from the wait list into this 4-person room with three friends. Right?

Update: I think I just figured it out. Here's my theory: The capacity of the ship is something like 2,052. That is probably less than every single available bed on the boat, but the maximum number they can have due to available life boats, etc. So they wouldn't give the extra bed away to someone else on the waiting list, BUT adding another person to that room could reduce how many people from the list they are able to place. That would explain it.

Update 2: @mac_feisty, who works for Carnival and actually knows what she's talking about, posted an explanation in the comments. Thanks!

Thanks to @donnaelle for the heads up.

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  1. I seriously hope they dont add random people to the rooms! i'm already a little surprised that we booked as a double, but we are in a room for 4 (2 regular beds and 2 uppers).
    so far, none of this is making sense. if my room is for 4 people, then we should be able to add 2 peeps if we choose. it cant be about the money? could it? 4 peeps to a room is cheaper rate than 2 peeps. kwim?
    sigh. some accurate answers would be nice!

  2. Maybe they will move rooms around and they will use your 4 people room for 4 people in the match program and give you a double room..Who knows, RT has a huge mess on their hands!

  3. Just a comment on the capacity - the 2052 (or whatever it is - this sounds about right) is actually the capacity based on 100% double occupancy. This is a standard way for ships to list capacity and does not refer to life boat restrictions etc. If fully booked with max capacity per room the total on board is much higher.

    .... but I agree people with a 4 person room should be able to add a 4th of their choosing.

  4. That's ridiculous - if they paid for 4 people, and they don't want to do the matching program, etc., they should be able to add the 4th person. Are they just going to take her money for 4 people and not allow her to have 4?Honestly, Rose Tours's system is not equipped to handle demand. I couldn't even get through, and yes I'm upset about it, but I just think the whole process was/is a little ridiculous.

    Good luck to all in sorting out your reservations!

  5. Rooms are set up for 2, 3 or 4 people. So MY guess is that they have a 3 person room, and the wait list is to see if they cam move them to a 4 person room. Just a guess though.

  6. I'm assuming it's due to the capacity of the area of the ship. (Much like a maximum capacity of a hotel floor)
    Just because you have the options of having a 3 person cabin or a 4 person cabin, it does not mean that each *cabin* could be filled to capacity. Due to fire safety regulations and also lifeboat restrictions there's no possible way that a cruise line can fill every single bed on the ship.

    BTW, I work for Carnival Corp and sit next to the Customer Res Help department and can ask them any question (or look it up in our policies) in regards to cruise ships/policies/that type of stuff. Feel free to ask.

    Also, Just want to note, that if a three person cabin is sold out those three ARE able to book a four person cabin. One of the beds will just be unused (as is the case in the situation above).

    Hope that helps.
    Twitter: @mac_feisty