Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still waiting for your priority wait list call?

This post from Heather explains why we haven't heard much about priority wait list bookings the last two days:
Someone told me I should call RT to confirm they had all of our contact info so I regrettingly called them today. They took my phone number and just asked about which room I'd prefer if they had any. So I told them.

Then the woman told me they had just started working on this list. She said that the person who had been handling all of this was out of the office yesterday and today, but they hope to get back to working on it again tomorrow. (Eeeep!)

So, there are no guarantees that you will be getting call tomorrrow, but keep your figners crossed! I also asked her about what we need for when they call, and she said you need everything you needed when you originally attempted to book. Address/birthdate/emergency contact info, credit card info, etc. I would also make sure you know which type of rooms you are intereseted in so if they have a few to offer, you can choose the right one.
I'll keep you updated if I hear anything tomorrow.

In the meantime, several people have asked me what types of cabins priority wait listers are being offered/taking but I haven't seen anyone post this. Do you know the answer? Please post in the comments. Thanks!


  1. I know one PWL person that was booked in a 6B cabin

  2. they're not always asking what type you want. Like the people in the match program just get whatever they have...they MIGHT ask if you want a window...

  3. My mom & I booked for the last cruise at the end of March. Once we were on the boat we saw people who were MUCH older and they didn't look like NKOTB fans. Turns out they had so many EXTRA rooms that the same trip we paid $2000 PER PERSON for, people got to book as a last minute trip special for $200!!! They were senior citizens who lived in Miami and because they saw the "deal" booked themselves! So people pd $200 for everything we did. They even had the color coded the way I see it..I think plenty of rooms will open up. The way I looked at it? I was pissed that people got to book days before and pay $200! That's the people everyone should be bitching about!!