Sunday, August 9, 2009

How many are on the priority wait list?

This priority wait list seemed to be getting pretty long. I counted in the thread on the topic on ning and found about 22 people who said they are in this situation. Of course, there are undoubtedly others who did not comment in that thread or on that board at all. I have my fingers crossed for everyone in that situation. If you have to wait for cancellations, it may be quite a while before you find out. When the next payment comes due in November, I'd expect a wave to drop out.


  1. I sure hope we get a room! My BFF and I are staying positive and hoping for the best! I guess we are on the best waitlist possible...

  2. Hmm I guess this is why they said they'd refund money instead of holding on to it until after inventory to give us a cabin. 22 ppl (+) is too many for them promise something they can't on a sold out cruise. So they put us on a priority list. I hope they rip Rezpro a new one for this screw up. But in a way. I thank them for the screw up cuz than it does give us a better chance.

  3. I agree , maybe I am wrong for feeling confident, but I really think that we will get a room. From what I remember from the last cruise alot of rooms opened up due to cancellations after the payments became due...Let's stay positive!!! Let's Pray This!!!

  4. Wanna call them tomorrow...did get a confirmation# but didn't receive an email and they told me they couldn't find me in their reservations but now my creditcard is charged...I think they maybe had a problem to find me because I'm from Germany and got a mutated vowel in my lastname and my city...Well...I'm totally confused at the moment because I do not know if I've booked already and they just got a problem with my name or if I get on this priority waitlist at all...

    Try to be positive...but it isn't easy because we booked with 8 girls and I'm the only one who didn't get a confirmation email...

    Hope we all get on this cruise!!! Good luck to everyone!!! Hugs

    Have to wait until tomorrow :(

  5. Ok RT superviser (I didn't talk to superviser) said that on they will be given calls to folks whose money was taken out 1st. My time after confirmation from the bank was at 12:31 pm PST.