Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another push back from Rose Tours

Well we went from hearing something about the priority wait list last week to next week, and now apparently they are saying it will be a "few more weeks."
I talked to them today and they said realistically it will still be a few weeks cause they have a lot of credit info, double bookings, and other info to work on. be patient, you will hear from them!
Posted here.

That's the bad news. Now for some good news (posted here).
Spoke with Christy [at Rose Tours] and she was super nice and very helpful. She said she can't guarantee that being on the priority list means we'll get a cabin but she did say that it looks like there should be plenty of cabins for the priority listers after they finish their clean-up. Hope so!
Of course, in the same post, Christy said they would start making priority phone calls this week, so who knows. But it's hope! And I think this is good news for regular waitlisters as well. If the priority wait list is wiped out, you're that much closer to the top. I've already heard of the first cancellation (pregnancy!).

If you're confirmed on the cruise, please send a follow request to @NKOTBCruise. (Disclaimer: this is an unofficial, fan-run account.)


  1. so what makes one a priority waitlister over a regular waitlister??

  2. The priority wait listers were charged the deposit (hopefully refunded by now) but did not get a confirmation number or assigned cabin. In other cases, they received a confirmation number, but the room was double booked. A common problem would be if two groups registered on the same computer. The first group goes through no problem. The second group seems to book okay, but in the end gets the same confirmation number/assigned room as their friends.

  3. Ok...gotchya. I have to check my credit card. Damn. I got to the 4th step but it wouldnt give me a confirmation number. Thank you. Gonna check now