Monday, December 28, 2009

Regular waitlisters starting to get placed!

Just wanted to get this up quick because I know we've all been waiting to hear: the priority wait list has been cleared and regular wait listers are starting to get calls!

Thanks so much to @Jodis_Tweet for breaking the news to me. She was wait list #2411. Rose Tours offered her a choice of either a 4B or a 6D cabin. Jodi chose the 4B, so that means at least one more cabin was available. She was placed with her roommate.

Make that TWO regular wait listers! @soaps3 also just got her call. She was wait list number #2412 and was also offered either 4B or 6D.

As I was writing this, I saw from @Carrie713 that she was on the priority wait list and did not receive a call. I'd suggest calling or e-mailing Rose Tours to check on that. I know that Jeannie is out of the office right now for the holidays, but they should be placing you guys first!

Please keep me updated (here in the comments or on Twitter) if you hear more wait list news! Congrats Jodi and Erin!

Update: I heard from @luckee13 that wait lister #2408 was called as well, so it sounds like they made several placements. Those with numbers in the low 2400s, keep your phones close by!


  1. #1752? wow... that's first time I've heard of a reg wait lister with a number below 2300! Guess I'm much later in line than I thought!

  2. Do you know if Jodi was offered for just herself, or her and her roommates? I called Rose Tours to try to understand how I'd be called (i am waitlisted with 3 others; 4 total)and they didnt really explain it to me. They made it sound like I would be called first since I was first under our reservation and then they would call my other roommates if there were additional spots.

  3. YEAH!!!! I am so excited for all those that have or will get placed! I am #2640 (I think) so there is probably not a chance from me and my BFF but that's okay! I am excited for everyone else! I REALLY want to go but I guess that is how the cookie crumbles! CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! BTW...Katie, what is your twitter name? I want to follow you but not sure if I am already! :-)

  4. Hi Katie-

    It's me again....Kim! I just posted a comment asking for your twitter name but thought I would give you mine as well! It is luvmesomedub!! Anyone else can follow me and I will repay the favor!


  5. Hi Kim, good luck getting on the boat! My twitter name is @ktsummer. : )

  6. I'm still hopeful that I will get on although my # is 2611. Maybe a miracle is in store for me? Thanks for the blog. You rock. :)