Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let Me (Maybe) Upgrade You

Congrats to Linda (@DEWz_pingpong) and Steph (@OMGstephWTF) for getting upgraded to a 6E cabin today! They had originally tried to book a 6E during the pre-sale on August 4. When they weren't able to get a 6E, they put themselves on an upgrade wait list minutes later.

Linda says Rose Tours is filing up wait listers for upgrades but she and Steph were last on the list for what was available today (RT didn't mention how long the list was altogether). Linda asked about suites, and Rose Tours told her "NO SUITES" for sure; there is no wait list for them.

@JKsGrownNSexy also talked to RT about a suite upgrade and was told the wait list for a suite is SO long that the whole ship would have to cancel to fill it. They also said that people that requested suites at time of booking are being filled first. And @ATLangela heard from Rose Tours that there would be NO upgrading to suites unless you indicated at the time of booking.

From Anonymous: "I talked to RT today and they told me 6E wait list goes in order of the time you requested it that day. I requested super early and we are high-ish on the list but she says there haven't been many 6E cancellations (shocker - LOL)."

Personally, I also was trying for a suite when we booked. (Had a category 11 all picked out and then it crashed when I got to the payment page, but we all know that story.) Like Linda, I immediately emailed Rose Tours on August 4 asking to be put on a upgrade list. I never heard back, so I'm not sure if such a list exists or not. While it would be hard to turn down a suite if somehow there is a list, I'm secretly on it, AND I get a call, I'd hate to switch rooms now. Somehow without planning I'm between @DEWz_pingpong on one side and @wizbiff on the other. Party in our hall!

In other news, two more regular wait listers were placed in cabins today. @VivaTheBlock talked to RT this morning, and they said only two more cabins were made available today and they were filled. I'm guessing the rash in recent cancellations has something to do with the fact that the cancellation penalty goes from 25% to 50% on January 1.


  1. We have Linda on our hall too??? SQUEEE!!!

  2. Whoa..there an upgrade waitlist ?? I remember RT saying that no upgrades were going to be made available and that if you wanted a higher category room you would have to cancel your room(incl paying the cancelation fee) and then re-book.

  3. I have no interests in upgrades, but I would see post after post when all this PWL was started because of RT errors that there were no Cabin Upgrades or a waitlist....first they said that they would work with PWL on their deposits saying they expect their 1st payment then will take a second payment in a week or two. But when they start filling them, they ask for the whole deposit...Wish the agents would have all the answers before speaking.

  4. Im kinda upset about this, I called RT after we booked and couldnt get the 6E and they told me they were not doing upgrads. So to now hear people are getting them is very upsetting.