Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seating to be assigned this year?

Last year on the post-cruise survey, the ONLY thing I listed under "Needs Improvement" was controlling the queueing for events. Sure, you didn't have to spend time in line, but most of us did. We all know by now that BHs are champions at queueing.

Now, from BlockBeerGirl, some excellent news on ning!
I talked with Rose Tours when I made my 2nd payment and the lady said seating goes by order number: meaning in order we got our cabins and not by price...of course minus the 6E cabins.....they get 1-6 but they also go in order they were purchsed 1-6... hope this makes sense!!! =)

This year, we will have assigned seats according to what order we booked our cabins so we will never have to wait in line like we did last cruise...she said we will have the same seat for every show. YAYY this makes me excited since my last cruise was spent almost entirely in line!!!
NO lining up for events?! Can you imagine?! I don't even know what I'm going to do with all the extra hours in the day. I hope it means I get to meet and talk with more of you. Or, maybe this year we will get that promised Speedo Fun on the Sun Deck.

The suites/6E part of BlockBeerGirl's post may be a bit unclear. I'm pretty sure that the suites go first, and then the 6E will fill in behind, regardless of whether the 6Es booked before the suites.

I don't know how exactly you know what order you booked in, but I'd guess the confirmation number gives some indication. The lower, the better. I think they started at 1000.

Also, the concert is presumably standing room only. I don't know whether the suites/6Es will all be placed in the same area or split into two groups. And if they don't break up the rest of the deck, I can see some out-of-control queueing for that. Everyone on the boat will be jockeying for a great view. Let's hope they figure out a zone system or something. (Do you ever think, "I am so glad I'm not the one that has to figure this stuff out because if BHs don't like it they will come after me with pitchforks?" I sure do.) Anyone have a good idea on how the deck arrangements could work?

On a personal note, I'm bummed that ALL of the Minnesota and Seattle girls that I had such a great time with last year either couldn't book or have had to cancel their reservations, including my roomie Katie. I will miss them bunches. On the plus side, this means I get to room with Malina again! We had a great time together in 2009 and I know we will again in 2010.

Anyway: assigned seating! Yay!


  1. Must say I am *slightly* apprehensive about going on the cruise....going alone and never been on one before!
    Anyhoo- thanks for taking the time to blog all this good-ness:)!!
    I know I can count on your for good info


  2. So does this mean that past cruisers get first dibs after the 6E passengers?

  3. That's great news. Thanks for keeping us posted!!

  4. I'll be going alone..first cruise ever!! So, I'm hoping to meet some of you. I know I will be taking notes and pics..maybe interviewing a few of you since I will be using this experience as a topic for an article to be featured in my column. Thanks Katie....you make it a lot easier!

  5. It's fair in a way but again it is not for the people who were on priority list that got charged and are just now getting cabins. So where does that put them all the way in the back. That is not fair

  6. what about the suites at the Upper deck?
    any ideas?

  7. Any idea/info on how they will address past cruiser vs. new cruiser confirmation numbers? I am a past cruiser and have a very low number in the 1000's.

  8. I actually called Rose Tours this morning and asked them about the seating. They said that there will be assigned seating, they think. They do not know how it will be assigned. Management is still working on it and many other of the events. I asked specifically about the confirmation numbers and she said that management had not worked any of that out yet.

  9. Nice to see that quite a few people are traveling alone to the cruise because I am too!
    I'm glad that they're considering doing assigned seating because I am not paying all of this money to stand around in line all day. I'm just happy to have a spot on the cruise at all!

  10. Im beyond excited about assigned seating :) If you didn't cruise last yr you have no idea what we went through lol You say you won't waste time waiting in line--but you would! It'll be nice not to be trampled over for a seat or pushed out of the way to get closer. I just feel sorry if someone is stuck behind those polls that are EVERYWHERE haha I wonder how they will number the seats..I remember that there were no seat numbers on the chairs. Especially since it's rows not to many seats. I hope the tour company has it together.
    I know ppl are going to complain that it's not fair, or this isn't right...get over it. Be happy you're on the cruise and enjoy it. There's 2000+ ppl that would kill to be there.