Friday, January 1, 2010

Contestants not appearing on stage will receive. . .

Happy new year everyone! Just a little fun for us today.

In all the preparation for the 2009 cruise, I completely forgot about the promised goody bag we were to receive until I made it to my cabin and saw it waiting for me on my bed.

Here's what we got! Click on the image to open it in super enormous full size.

A: Drawstring bag
B: Seating chart for events
C: Rule sheet (Had stuff like "No autographs or cameras at photo op.")
D: Postcard
E: Daily itineraries
F: 12-page glossy program
G: Entry ticket for Donnie's poker tournament
H: Keychain with cruise logo
I: Temporary tattoo
J: Water bottle
K: Pocket-size schedule
L: Laminated cruise pass with lanyard

I'm sure I'll forget about the presents again this year, and it will be another fun surprise when I get in the room. : )



  2. Very nice! Thank you for making such a big picture! Everything was readable. With the poker entry tickets, how did that work? Did everyone who wanted to play get to play? Or were people who wanted to play chosen randomly?


  3. Deb, I think everyone who wanted to play got to play, but it started at 10 a.m. Sunday and went till midnight, so you had to be 1) willing to give up your whole day and 2) good enough to make it to the final table.

  4. How fun!!! Can't wait for my goody bag :)

    On another note, do we get a packet of info about the cruise in the near future? Just wondering how all the themes of dress get communicated?

  5. Hi Tebb, you get the full itinerary about 10-14 days in advance. This year, we got the themes about a month before we sailed, but I'm hoping since we started so much earlier this year we'll get them in February or March. That's just my wishful thinking though.

  6. Yay, this is making me even more excited!

    When people were lined up for hours, was that for the game show and Q&A session since there was general seating?
    How was it with the wristbands? Did people still line up for that, too, to get in the closest row of their section?

  7. For the poker tournament, 30 people (can't remember the exact #) were picked from each group (A and B). They were picked randomly from the enteries and if chosen, there was an entrance fee to play of $30 or $45 (again, can't remember the #'s exactly).

  8. People lined up for everything, including the photo op. My day-by-day summaries will give you more info on that.

  9. Hopefully now that all the seats are assigned people won't be waiting in line...I'm so excited I didn't get to go on the cruie last year..

  10. The poker Game was the one thing I didnt wait in line for! haha As we were walking in Jordan was walking in to get some cash to play..then a guy came over & told his that he's going to play "in a different room". The I walked over to the table to see Donnie & when I took a pic I got yelled at because I guess you cant take pics in a "casino".
    Please people..dont yell at me...but I thought the gift bag was a alittle lame. For what we paid I guess I thought it would be "better". Im happy w/what I got..but just a little disappointed. PLEASE DONT CUSS ME OUT haha
    Im hoping too that if there are theme nights they tell us sooner then later. It would be nice if whoever organizes all that would send out a form with suggestions--we could vote---& then those would be the themes. It sucked trying to shop for all that in 1 month.
    Anyone decorating your doors? I did it last yr & spent way to much. I'll do it this yr but on a much smaller level.

  11. 安...辛苦了!祝福你在各個方面都愈來愈好!..................................................

  12. My roommate and I want to decorate our door. Was there something that said like how it should be geared or could it be completely creative? We have ideas already but weren't sure if it had to be done a certain way.

  13. Lori-- Hi haha
    The door was my biggest pain in the butt lol First we were told to use magnets..guess what? The door was wood! I also called to get the width of the door & no one could tell me. I figured the door would have to be as wide as a piece of poster board since a suitcase would have to fit in. WRONG haha If you use poster board you have to have turned where it's longer, going up to down (does that make sense?)
    I used 3 pieces but had to tuck some of it into the door. Plus you have the handle & the slot to put your key in.
    Ppl were super creative. Every door was different--it was awesome to see them all. I put my stuff together at the hotel the night before and carried it on the ship.
    I went 3 diff ways with our door. On top I had all our concert tickets from the last 20 years. In the middle I did a "Thank you" to the guys, with all old school stuff. Old baseball cards,old buttons etc. On the bottom I did stuff related to the theme nights. I went to a craft store and went to the scrapbooking section and got everything from there. I had stuff for girls night, pj night and even bday stuff for Jordan and Dannys bdays.
    Like I said,every door was differnet and it was great to walk around and see them all :)
    Im doing it this yr but not on the same scale. I spent close to $100 on a door..ack! Taking it donw a few notches this yr!
    Good luck! Go crazy! Sure it'll look awesome! If you want to see what mine looked like email me your address and i can email to you :)

  14. Hi again Lori!
    I changed my profile pic to my door :) Dont know if you will be able to see it all but I tried haha

  15. What did you guys get this year?