Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wait list calls have stopped for now

Things were quiet on the wait list front last week, and now we know why.

Danielle called Rose Tours this morning and reported back:
"SO sad...I had to call RT they are filled up as of now with no idea if or when they will call any more ppl off the list. bummer! I was so close. they could not confirm what number they are on. April 1st is what I am thinking as that is when the rest of any hope I have of getting that call. Rose Tours did say they call and email."
This seems to confirm my guess that the boom of wait list calls in early January was due to the hike in cancellation penalties after January 2. Danielle is probably right that the next big wave won't be for another two months, when the next payment is due AND the cancellation fee goes up again.

Meanwhile, calls may be coming here and there. Last I heard, Rose Tours had contacted up to #2440. I haven't heard from #2441 or higher. Please keep me posted!

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