Friday, April 30, 2010

Cruise docs have arrived!

Just posting this here since it seems not everyone received yesterday's email. (I didn't again and I have no idea why. I confirmed that I'm on the mailing list, and it's not in my spam folder. Very odd.)


The booking number and link in the email let you complete all your travel documents and print them, your Fun Pass, and your luggage tags from Carnival's site. Make sure you bring all of them with you when you check in, with a luggage tag attached to every bag you have with you.

If you didn't receive the email but your roommate did, that's all you need since your booking numbers are the same. (Maybe not for roommate match; I'm not sure.) If neither of you received the email, you'll have to contact Rose Tours.

Biggest surprise: all assigned seating this year and the concert has been moved back to the theater. Wooo! Aside from having a New Kid assigned as my room porter, I don't know what better news I could have hoped for. Bye bye lines!

Assigned seating will be determined by the time you booked. To put this into perspective, booking numbers started at 1000. This is the number in the first email confirmation you got way back when, not in yesterday's email. Last year, I want to say we were 1300-something, and that put us on the first level in the round booths on the perimeter. Suites receive the first 5 rows and 6E rooms receive the first 6 rows.

(I've wondered a lot about assigned seating over the last several months, and I had not been expecting it to happen. If you think of the ship theater, it seems not at all conducive to assigning seats, and I'm sure the whole undertaking was a complete pita. So you'll hear me saying thanks for this a lot.)

Concerts in the theater means we will be split into groups after all. This has led us to speculate that the shows will be a bit shorter than the normal set list. Enough to make anyone else rethink attending the Fillmore show?

It seemed there was some initial trouble registering for the poker tournament, but I believe that has been fixed. Some others had trouble logging into the site. If you get a timeout error, you will have to wait an hour before trying again. As for me, I could not get Carnival to recognize me as a past guest, but whatever. Probably not a big deal.

Full itineraries to follow.

Printing out that luggage tag makes it seem real, huh? Two weeks from today!


  1. Hey Katie, I wasn't able to register for poker last night like everyone else, but this morning it worked just fine. Thanks for the blogs, can't believe it's really time.... AHHHHHH!

  2. I'm confused. Where does it state that the concert will be in the lounge?
    I thought the concert was on the deck and any other planned events (maybe Q&A, etc.) would be in the loung.

  3. The concert info is in the very last section. This is from the email:

    We Thought You'd like To Know: After a recent walk through of the ship, we've made the decision to hold the concert in the Dynasty Lounge (same theater as last year) - with ALL RESERVED SEATING! The Lido Deck had too many obstructions that would make for a less enjoyable NKOTB show experience, and of course NKOTB, management and Rose Tours aim to provide the highest level of satisfaction for the best fans in the world! Your wristbands will designate your reserved seat which you will receive at check-in.

    Full itineraries to follow.

    I'm so glad they decided to do this!

  4. Thanks for the info about the concert.
    It seems to have been attached to the SPA info, therefore I skipped it. Have no intrest in the spa. lol

  5. I did roommate match, and I see both of our names on the documents. When it comes to the boarding pass, though, only her name is printed on it. Anyone know why?

  6. I'm excited for the reserved seating this year by booking time. I have a low confirmation number so I am hoping that I have a great seat. But I guess it will also depends on how many suites/6E people are in Group A and B. I hope the majority of them didn't choose the same dining option, as then regular seating would start further back for one group!

  7. Can anyone tell me more about this poker tournament? Would the $30 entry fee be all of the money I would have to put out to play with? I would really like to enter, but I dont want to gamble all of my money away on the cruise! lol

  8. I would sign up for the poker tournament if I had any clue how to play poker. Don't think that I'd make it very far.

  9. The $30 is just an entry fee. Everyone will get the same set amount of chips for betting. Could probably be about $500 or so. The chips have no real value. So its not like your gambling your own money, its just the fee to enter into the tourney.