Friday, April 9, 2010

15 little things you'll love about the cruise

Even if you're never cruised before, you probably have some ideas about what to get excited about: deck parties, hanging out with friends, the all-too-quick photo op. But the cruise experience is so much more. All these little things packed into one weekend will make you wish we could keep sailing.
  1. Open bar on Friday night! The reason I don't have many photos from Friday night is because I usually had a drink in each hand.
  2. Seeing NKOTB family everywhere and chatting with the dads and kids. I must have run into Danny's dad with his grandkids six times per day, and Mr. Mac was usually surrounded by 15-20 girls.

  3. Unfiltered Jon: singing Happy Birthday at 3:00 a.m., running up to the balcony during Q&A, and wearing a mankini during the concert.
  4. Pizza and ice cream available 24 hours a day.
  5. Unscripted moments like the Family Feud theme song or Troy Kids doing Games at the concert.
  6. Running into New Kids several times per day: in the elevator, at the pool, in the atrium.
  7. Donnie's PA announcements, like "everyone grab the ass of your favorite New Kid after 2 a.m."
  8. Joe taking off his shirt.; )
  9. All the tropical drink specials, like the Rum Runner, served in coconut shells.
  10. NKTV, the all-NKOTB-all-the-time channel in the staterooms.
  11. The DJ who only seemed to know 20 songs. I hope we have the same guy this year.
  12. Seeing everyone's amazing door decorations.
  13. Chatting with the band and crew near the pool during the day or at the deck parties at night. 
  14. The goody bag waiting on your bed when you walk into your room for the first time.
  15. Dancing Carnival staff

This is just my list of favorites. What are yours?


  1. Chocolate. Lava. Cake. That is all.

  2. You make me smile! With each blog I get more and more excited! I can't wait! Hope I see you on the ship! ; )

  3. The Lobster for dinner was pretty nice!

    I loved running into the guys on the cruise too! I would walk up to the bar and there would be Jonathan! A trip in the elevator turned into rubbing elbows with Danny.....the unexpected times were some of the best times!

    The staff was super nice and they were from all over the world. I still feel sorry for that poor guy who served our drinks, we kept trying to dance with him and he didn't know what the heck to do, lol

    Joe's PA announcements!! Nothing like laying out on the Lido deck and hearing Joe's voice on the PA :)

    There was just something about being on the lido deck at night, the breeze, the music, the alcohol and sleep deprevation kicking in, lol Even crazier, was watching the sun rise from the deck!

    The service was great too! Having drinks handed to me while enjoying the Q&A session was very nice, otherwise I would have never drank, no way I was getting up and missing anything.

    Never a dull moment on that boat...Cruise 2010 here we come!!!

  4. Oh the cake!! Wonderful wonderful cake!!

    Donnie's PA announcement woke me from a nap. Most wonderful wake up I ever had.

    The crew dancing on deck was OK, but the dances they did in the dining room ROCKED. So worth going to dinner to see.

    One of my fun things: the water slide.

  5. Ahhhh how is one to concentrate knowing all this will be happening so soon! As a first time cruiser I'm beyond excited! Not only do all the above special moments happen but im also excited to meet thousands of amazing fans! Xoxox!

  6. Waterslide races and relaxing in the hot tub with fellow Blockheads and a bucket or 2 of beer!!

  7. I am even more excited now and I didn't think that was even possible!! Thanks!

  8. all i have to say is 33 DAYS!!!!!!!

  9. So excited! never been to florida or on a cruise before... plus to be around so many other people who love NKOTB... this will be the best weekend ever! :)

  10. Wow! Memeories hahahaha I got chills thinking back :)
    I didnt know about Open Bar till the end! I will know better this time haha
    I cant wait for everything! Seeing how different this yr will be from last yr!
    Will Jon be sober?! How many times will Danny say "ballz" Which door will Donnie knock on @ 4am?! What articles of clothes will Joe take off this yr?! What stories will Jordan tell?!?!?!
    Cant wait for it all!!!

  11. I had no idea about the open bar either. I will definitley putting that to good use this year :) I remember the PA announcememnts, when the captain was talking no one listened, but when one of the guys was talking all around you would hear Shhhh, shhhhh, lol. I loved walking in and seeing the big banners hanging in the main part of the ship. And having the bed made when you left the cabin and turned down when you came back to go to sleep :) Cannot wait for May!

  12. I love your blog! This makes me even more excited for May 14th to get here. I can't wait to be on the boat surrounded by so many ladies that love the the guys as much as I have for the past 20 years! I was really nervous about going on this cruise solo but I know I'll have a blast and that this is something I will remember forever! I hope we run into each other on the boat!

  13. Squeee! As a first time cruiser this blog gives me butterfiles. Thanks Katie. Hope to meet you on the boat!

  14. Thanks for sharing the experience on your cruise.

  15. I love your list! Ahhh so many good memories! Can't wait for more this year!

  16. I'm so excited :) I can't believe its almost here!

    Last year's NKOTB cruise was the first cruise I've ever been on, just pulling up to the ship was amazing! And then walking in and seeing all the NKOTB banners! So fun!

    One of my favortie things was seeing the guys (and their families) in the safety drill all dressed in their life vests! I don't know why, but I did not expect them to be there! We were trying to finish our door and were not happy about having to get to the saftey drill. We walked in and bumped right into Donnie :) Then saw Joe and Danny too!

    I also got a kick out of the towel creatures on the bed each night!

    Cheesy posed pictures on the boat around every corner, totally reminded me of the high school prom :)

    Can't wait to see what new things their are this year to remember!

  17. I am sooo excited to be a first time cruiser!! Your blog is great and you have me giddy! Thank you for all the work you put into this for us! It is so helpful!! :)

  18. OMG I went on the last cruise and reading all the above brings back soo many FANTASTIC memories but guess what? I even got more butterflies ready for the next week - sooo excited and cant wait to do it all again - thank you all soo much for participating in the blog and helping make me grin over and over again!!!!

  19. First time cruiser and I can't even express how excited I am about the whole thing. I'll be finishing my bachelor degree on the 7th then its full cruise mode from there on out lol. I hope to meet so many people if there are enough hours and days lol. I've already talked to my roommate about making this an annual trip for as long as it runs!

  20. Im glad Im not the only one who got giddy walking on the ship & seeing the banners and getting chills! I felt 11yrs old taking pics by cut out pictures but hey! I was with 2000+ others doing the same thing!! CANT WAIT!!!!!


  22. Katie!! I hadn't read this blog, but I saw your link to Layith, so I came running over!! It made me smile, on this crappy day where the train was super late and I only got to work out for like 10 minutes :(
    But yes! Open bar with a drink in each hand....did that!
    I didn't run into any NK - LAST YEAR - but I had a NK run past me as he ran to the lido deck to sing Happy Birthday to his brothah! ;)
    LOVED Donnie's announcements!!!
    And I loved the DJ and his same 20 songs!!! I hope we get the same guy, too!! :)

    Can't wait! In exactly 2 weeks (and a couple of hours) I'll be on my way to the airport!!!