Friday, April 23, 2010

Time to get creative! Decorate those doors.

In the theme frenzy, you may have missed the other part of this week's email: info on the door decorating contest.
Theme: High School Flash Back - "Locker" Decorating Contest
Remember how you used to decorate your school lockers? Here is your chance to really show off your vintage NKOTB collection (old & new memories) - Be sure to include pictures of yourself back in the day. Big hair, acid washed jeans, and lots and lots of neon! Raid your scrap books! We want to see you at your first NKOTB concert, or standing by your High School locker with all your NKOTB pix. This is as much about YOU (and NKOTB of course). Get creative! Best-decorated door will win a fabulous prize.
*The cabin door is 22" x 6.8" and is magnetic so we suggest you bring magnets to decorate and hold items in place.
The doors are most assuredly wooden. Bring tape. The blue painters tape works well and won't damage the door.

As for the decorations, people REALLY got creative last year. The theme was similar, but more focused on merch than personal photos. It was so cool to see all the old memorabilia, artwork, and themes.

The girls with the winning submission must have packed a full suitcase of nothing but decorations. The prize was concert tickets.

Here are a few others from last year, posted on ning:

Obviously not everyone followed the theme, but the winning entry did, so if you are in it to win it, go with the theme in the email. I couldn't really do the theme if I wanted to. I have maybe 4 NKs-related photos of me from that time, and one is worse than the other. See? This is the least embarrassing one.
Anyway, Malina and I made our door already and we love it. Plus we really aren't looking to win anything. I can't say more or I'll give it away ; )

What are your plans? Did you design your door already? Are you going to go for gold or make up your own theme? Did you find a secret metal door somewhere on the boat last year?


  1. I have an idea of what I want to do but it doesn't go with the theme at all. I don't have any pictures of the younger me with my New Kids bedroom decor (although it was a sight to see). My old New Kids friend has them all and I have no idea how to get in contact with her. So I might just go another route. I do have a TON of posters, etc...from back in the day, so it would be possible, but nothing that includes me.

    Love the blog as always! Thank you for the ideas! You're the best!!

  2. I started my door in January--so it has nothing to do the theme. I went overboard--im using the door and wall!!!!
    Plus Im mailing everything all put together to the hotel so I dont have to bother trying to do it all up on the ship

  3. Not going along with the theme. Already planned to do something else.

  4. My kidstuff thingy were long gone! My mom threw them away when we moved into the new house 4 years ago.

    Fortunately I've started to collect NKOTB CD & DVD again last year so I may just take a few photos of my collection to be part of the cabin door decoration.

    I hope my cruise roomies will have something which is more attractive than just CD & DVD collection.

  5. Hi !! All I can say .. before I'll start to answer your blog this time .. I love your comments,and so on ! You really rock, hon !! =)

    Am going t see my parents in the beginning of May... hopefully finding a pic of me,when I was younger & may had some NKOTB stuff next to me.

    Had another idea for the door decoration,before the them came out .. bout chenged it & could include a lot.Am nearly done .. and if you want to see it on the boat .. M186 will be our cabin =)
    I'm not from the states & we don't have lockers in Germany .. so I did lots of brainstorming&hope,it'll be fine in the end.

    Feel huged&thx for everything,Kathrin

  6. I have very few pics of the old New Kids days, but I will bring the few that I have to hang with what I have already put together for our door. It is kind of theme related, where as it involves lots of current memories.

  7. Not going with the theme. My husband is coming with me (for the 2nd time!) and we already have our decoration idea which has nothing to do with the theme, lol.


  8. My BBF and I were in room U3 on the Upper deck (right outside the door the guys used to get upstairs to the theatre!) and it had a metal door. We used magnets, about 1/2 inch wide, and they were totally strong enough to hold up the posters and cardstock we had on our door.

    For whoever has this room this year, enjoy! It's an awesome room!!!

  9. I don't have any pictures from back in the day and my parents were strick so I was only allowed to hang one NK poster in my room that is long gone now :( ..I'm just doing my own thing for fun in hopes that people & the guys like it!

  10. Not following the theme this year. Our door is the one that you posted at the bottom. Cool that it made it onto your blog. Love the blog too.

  11. Some of use were not in high school during the NKOTB years. Some of us did not decorate our locker. Yes I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I'll have to be very creative for my first cruise.