Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beware: scammers trying to take advantage of those wanting to cruise

I suppose it was only a matter of time before some lowlife figured out that they could use the cruise as a way to scam money out of BHs.

From a post on Ning by Yolanda:

"There was a girl on here just a couple of days ago saying she had 2 spots open for the cruise. When I contacted her about the tickets I asked her what type of room does she have and what is the cabin number. She wrote back that they don't give you that info until day before take off. Which I knew right then she was a scam. I know they give you the room number through your email confirmation page. If anyone wants your CC info tell them you will call Rose Tours to give them that info. Now she is no longer a member of this website, she disappeared." 

In the excitement of seeing a cruise opening and the sense of urgency that goes along with vying for an open spot, it's not hard to forget to be thorough, but please be careful. Here are some tips.

  • Ask questions about the cabin type and room number. Ask for a confirmation number and compare against people you trust who are cruising.
  • Check the seller's ning profile page or Twitter account. Do they have friends? Are they interacting like a normal BH? Of course, fellow BHs could still be scammers, but if someone seems odd, that's a red flag.
  • Never give anyone your credit card or bank account information. You only need to give it to Rose Tours.
  • If you pay someone, use PayPal or another trusted service. Get a receipt. Use a credit card with buyer protection.
  • Check the room category and price the seller is advertising against the price list at to make sure they aren't inflating the cost.
  • Ask for your name to be added to the reservation before money changes hands, and confirm with Rose Tours directly before you pay the individual.

Good luck ladies!


  1. Glad you put this up! I saw that person mentioned above's post about the two spaces. I am still waiting to get on the cruise, but there was something so shady about that! Glad you also have tips to avoid bad situations. I think people get to anxious to be on the boat that we forget that there are blockheads who want to help and then there are scammers!!

  2. there was someone i was talking to that had an opening... first she said she had a 6e stateroom. then is was 6c. she said she was gonna pick a roomie by tues but now has trust issues with ning so she decided to post her spot on ebay?? this makes me sad :(