Friday, November 20, 2009

Rose Tours calls have started again!

A few weeks ago, Rose Tours said they would be calling people from the wait list at the end of November, and what do you know, they are!

From Jaime (@HereWeGoAgainJM):
"Rose Tours called a friend of mine today, and she's now on the boat. Some people didn't pay their second payment."

Soon after, I heard from @randaogden that her friend @jennifer_benson also got a call!

Update: I've since heard of at least two other pairs of roomies who received calls today, so that's a minimum of 6 people who joined the boat!

These were priority wait listers. I wonder at this point how many priority wait listers are still in limbo. Anyone have an idea?

By the way, totally unrelated, did you all see this post from Jared on ning?
"Let me assure ANY fan that attempts to re sell cruise cabins on the secondary market (ebay, craigslist, etc) will be VOID. We have alerted Rose Tours to look out for these instances."
This came on the heels of someone putting a cruise vacancy on eBay that sold for $2050 (at least $500 over the value of the room). Several people reported the listing to eBay as unauthorized. I never heard what became of it. I'm also not 100% sure what the best action to take against these listings is. Report on the listing site? Post on ning? All of the above?

Will keep you updated if I hear more on wait list placements. If you've gotten a call today, know someone who has, or are on the PWL and still waiting, please leave a comment!


  1. A friend of mine is on the PWL and is still waiting for the call. Fingers crossed! Spotlight

  2. My Friend Nicole got a call yesterday. She is on the boat.

  3. Me and my girl are still on the PWL and waiting for a call

  4. I got a call on Friday November 20 but was working so Barbara left a message and when I called her back she was on another call. So Ive been hanging this whole weekend. Im sure since they called that means they have a spot for me. Monday morning Im calling back and will let you know.

  5. I'm @mysticfearie and my roomie @kchesterson and I got the call on Friday and we are on the boat! Very excited!