Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Priority wait list will be cleared within 10 days!

Last Friday, several PWLers started getting calls after many on the boat failed to make the second payment. Calls continued into this week and are still coming through today.

My best guess is there were around 35-40 pairs on the PWL. A few had gotten placed here and there in the last two months, and others got on finding roommates on their own. Since last week, I had heard of 12-14 more pairs getting calls. Now it seems the PWL is nearly cleared.

From @Shesha12:
"I'm on the boat. Mary at Rose Tours said only rooms available right now are inside and 2 oceanviews: 6B and 6C. She let me pick [from those three room types]. I was on PLW but I'm sure it was near the bottom."
From @JKsGrownNSexy:
"I just got off the phone with RT - she said all PWL's should be all set within the next 10 days, at most."
Regular wait listers, while it's probably impossible that all 1000 on the list will get placed, I expect an even higher number will drop out around the third payment on April 1, which is the biggest yet. The payments so far of $300 and $400 seem insignificant compared to the $1100 or so some of us will have to pay in the spring. That won't give much notice for shopping and prepping (especially if it takes a few weeks after the payment date for the calls to come in, like this time), but it's a spot on the boat!

Regular wait listers, do you know anyone who has gotten a call yet? Are you saving for a spot or have you given up? If you get a call in mid-April, do you think you'd take it? Let me know!

(Happy Thanksgiving!!)


  1. I would love to go on the cruise after sitting trying to book for five hours unsuccessfully i would be a fool not to want to have this experience with the guys as well as meeting fellow BH's i have been chatting to.

    I am from Scotland and would do everything in my power to be there if my BFF and i were offered a space. We're on the waitlist so guess we will just keep waiting!

    Christine (@Crackers0410)

  2. my friend is on the PWL and is still waiting for a call!

  3. I am on the regular waitlist...I think our number is around 2500 somewhere, and OF COURSE I'd take a spot if offered in April. I'm holding onto the $$$ with the slightest hope that we'll get the call at some point before May :)

  4. One of my friends was called yesterday. She was on the PWL. She was told to call back Friday for more details. But hey, she's on the boat and that's all that matters! :)

  5. A friend of mine is on the PWL and has not gotten the call. Fingers crossed!

  6. I got my call from RT last Wed but I was on a cruise all week so I didn't hear the message till yesterday (SAT). She said I had till Tuesday to call them, which I did of course, so it looks like my roomie and I are on the boat. Can't wait. Funny thing was, on friday, my last port stop was Half Moon Cay, and while I was there, I was thinking how nice it would be to come back there on the NKOTB cruise, not knowing I had already gotten the call from RT while I was away. What a great homecoming gift. Looking forward to May

  7. Hey KT,
    Can't get on Twitter from work, but wanted to be sure you knew the Mac Pac is on sale this AM since you are one of the biggest Joe fans I know... Hopefully you already know or will get this soon.


  8. Katie- I havent seen you on Twitter or on here. I hope you are ok!

  9. Kim, I'm here! I had to change my twitter name. It's @ktinct now. : )