Monday, November 9, 2009

Too many name changes can put everyone's spot at risk

This morning I got a tweet from @DJ4Wood with some rather alarming news:
"I emailed Jeannie at Rose Tours because we had ANOTHER name change and I am now the lone survivor on the original booking. She let me know: since I am the last original passenger, if I cancel, the girls in the cabin are canceled out. They would have to pay the cancellation penalty but the $100 name change fee would be deducted from their penalty. They would be able to fill out a wait list reservation; however, that list is very long."
In other words, DJ4Wood has found new roomies on her own who have successfully registered and paid at least $700 each toward the room already. But because her previous roomies canceled, should DJ4Wood need to back out, all her replacement roomies will get the boot too!

Now, I think this is only an issue if you have only one person from the original reservation left on the room. For a 4-person room, the chances are probably small that all 4 people would cancel. But what about for a 2-person room? If the second person drops out, does the new cruiser get kicked to the curb too?

Has anyone else received the same information from Rose Tours?

Speaking of cancellations, I didn't see as many as I expected to around the time of the second payment. But I think it's because almost everyone is finding replacements on their own. I have only heard of two people actually getting spots from the wait list (and Rose Tours is still trying to place priority wait listers). Have you heard of more?

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p.p.s. Why does "canceled" have one L, but "cancellation" has two? English is weird.


  1. it is correct if you cancel u will lose there spot i had to cancel and was told the same

  2. I remember reading somewhere ages ago that for name changes at least one name from the original booking must stay the same. So this is compatable with that memory I have.

  3. least one person has to remain in the cabin, I remember that...but that was in order to do a name change. Wasn't thinking that if everyone ended up leaving in the end that the new people would be booted, just that the last person couldn't do a name change they'd just have to cancel outright.

    And we did have 4 people in our room....I guess now she's just the last one left.

    But I have the money...just can't cruise cause I'm pregnant and due the day before the cruise!!

  4. My roomie canceled before I could even get someone to replace her, and I ended up losing my original cabin and having to enter the roomie match program. They gave me three options: pay an additional $500 to stay in the room by myself, cancel the reservation compeletely, or pay $50 more and be matched with a roomie. Of course I opted to be matched! After the second payment, I was assigned another cabin, but I don't have any info regarding my new roomie yet.

  5. Thats why they should let the actual waitlistes be called and be done with it. It's not fair for people who signed up for waitlist first and people who may not even be on it get on just because.Thats my opinion. Thanks

  6. In the UK, we say cancelled ;)