Monday, November 2, 2009

Second payment due today. Or this week. Or sometime. . . whatever.

Like many of you, the first thing I did this morning was check my credit card charges to see if the $400 payment had been taken from Rose Tours. Last year, the payments went through at midnight on the dot, so I expected to at least see a "Pending." I didn't. And 12 hours later, I still haven't.

Turns out most of you haven't either. I heard of only three people today that were actually charged. I also heard from @colettebett, who had made her payment early only to be charged another $400 today. She got an apology email saying the payment would be refunded, but it will take a few days for the refund to clear. Colette says she was assured when she made the payment that the automatic payment would not go through.

But what about the rest of us that actually do owe money but haven't been charged? Varying answers. On Ning, @InLuvWithJon wrote:
"Talked to RT about half an hour ago [5:30 pm EST]....they said since there are so many people who need to have payments taken, it can take up to a few days. They assured me that if there is a problem with the card, they will not cancel any reservations until they speak with you directly."
So somehow we went from midnight on the dot last year to "a few days" this year. But it may be more. @shawnasstoller also called today, and she was told it could be "Friday or NEXT Monday before the payment is taken out."

What does this mean really? It's not a huge deal for most of us if the payment is charged today versus Wednesday or Thursday. But it may change how we decide to make unscheduled payments. I had been planning to pay half my remaining balance in February or so, but I don't feel very confident in being accurately charged come April 1. Instead, I'm going to stash my payment money away somewhere so I have it ready to go on April 1. Or, you know, April 5.

Has this scheduled payment changed your payment plans? Were you accurately charged today? Double charged? Still waiting?


  1. Like most people, I waited most of the day with no charge in sight from RT. After going on .com, and reading that a few people had been charged at midnight, others very early this morning, I decided to email Jeannie to make sure she had all my info. I'd say about 10 minutes after emailing her, she emails me back confirming the charge to my acct. I know of a few other people who did the same, emailed Jeannie, minutes later were charged. Good luck to everyone! :)

  2. I called on Thursday and made my payment then... the confirmation e-mail arrived immediately. Things have (so far!) gone as RT told me they would... she said I would not be charged again today, and I wasn't... yet. Fingers crossed that I don't get charged again! Hope they get it all resolved quickly. I still plan on paying my cruise off in full in February just to have it out of the way.

  3. This payment has not changed my plans. I checked my credit card statement and the charge has not appeared yet. I was actually surprised when I saw your posts about people paying outsde of the scheduled payments. I do not have enough confidence in Rose Tours to keep track of payments made off schedule. I just plan to pay via the scheduled payment schedule so that I don't end up paying for the cruise twice.

  4. I hate that someone got charged after making the payment already!! I'm so sorry!! I wanted to pay alittle early too, but I knew that I would still probably be charged so I did not. I will say that this post did put me at ease. I just woke up and saw that the money was not taken out. I now see that I was not the only one!! It is also good to know that if something is wrong with the cc RT tries to charge, they will call you before just cancelling your reservation.

  5. this is exactly why i'm paying ahead of time. if you have the money, why wait? just pay it and get it over with!
    RT is notorious for screwing things up...if I get charged again, I already have the email proving I paid, so its really no big deal. They cant cancel my reservation if i've already paid.

    People need to chill. RT has another cruise that sets sail next week. i'm sure that boat takes priority right now. just as we would want our boat to be put first.

    I will have my cruise paid in full by christmas. i'm not worried one little bit. why should I?

  6. I made my payment last Thursday with Jeanie. I asked for an email confirmation (didn't get one, need to ck on that) but I did have a charge posted that night. I made it a point to ask more than once to make sure I was not charged again yesterday and I was not so all's good with mine. I will likely make my final payment early as well and hope for the best.
    Brandi @JKsBlondie

  7. I pay everything with my debit card. I actually have a card that I use specifically for this cruise, it is in a bank account I only have access to online so I don't spend it by accident. I am just going to keep the money in my savings account and earn interest on it. Maybe even open a 3 month CD between now and then and make some money off this and make my payment April 1st-ish.

  8. So I made my 2nd payment two weeks ago. I remembered to ask to have the autocharge removed, and she actually sounded annoyed that I would ask her. I told her that I had heard that sometimes it didn't get removed, so please make sure it is removed. I received a confirmation email and thought everything was fine.

    Yesterday afternoon, I had a voicemail telling me they tried to charge my CC and it declined. Thank goodness I didn't have any money on it!! It was already after 5p on the east coast, so I emailed both Mary and Jeannie. Jeannie emailed me back and said that they had tried to charge my other roomies' 2nd deposit on my CC cuz they hadn't received payment for them and couldn't find a credit card on file for them. WHAT???

    I emailed them back and said I would get in contact with my other roommates, but please do not try to charge my credit card again. A few minutes later, I got another email from Jeannie who had all of a sudden found my roomies' credit cards. A second payment had already been made on one, and they were able to place a charge on the other.

    UGH... I would have been so upset if they had taken $800 out of my bank account! Especially with the waiting period to have the funds put back on my account!

  9. I got back from vacation today and checked to see if my payment had come out and it hadn't. I called RT to check why this was the case and apparently when I called a month or so ago to change my credit card, someone forgot to mark what type of credit card it was. While I was on the phone with the girl she changed my info and took my payment out. I got an email less than a minute after I got off the phone with her saying that the payment had been taken out.

  10. My experience with Rose Tours so far has been very nice & we never have problem! I paid my 2nd installment on 30 October & they didn't charge my credit card again on 2 November. My roomie also already paid her part on 30 October so everything is settle!

    The only problem at that time was my other roomie was unable to pay her 2nd installment so she had to give up her spot & I needed someone to replace her ASAP before the deadline of 2nd installment!

    Fortunately after 15 mins I posted vacancy on NKOTB ning group, somebody contacted me & she agreed to pay all payments which were needed (1st & 2nd installments, name changing charge & insurance). So the deal was made & Rose Tours was contacted to make necessary changes. That was on 2 November!

    Today, we received confirmation email from Jennifer RT that the changes have been made & my new roomie was also already charged accordingly.

  11. Rose Tours attempted to charge me a second time today after I made my payment two weeks ago. Thankfully I received a call from Mary saying my charge (from today) did not go through. I called, had my e-mail confirmation from October 15 and bank statement showing the debit on October 16 ready and it was taken care of. But gaaaah, that sucked. I'll still pay it off early and call right before April to ensure that my account is paid in full.

  12. Why make a payment just a couple of days before the scheduled payment is due? You are just creating more work for RT and increasing your chance of getting double charged.

  13. My 2nd deposit went through on Wednesday Nov 3rd. I called RT and they sent me a confirmation email only after I asked the agent to verify my reservation.The only reason I did not pay ahead of the Nov 2nd due date was not to complicate issues. I realized after the inital booking process that RT had too much to handle already!
    I hope to meet some of you on the cruise!