Monday, November 2, 2009

Rose Tours says they're "trying something new" with seating this year

If you read any of my 2009 daily recaps, you got a taste of how much time I spent waiting in line on this year's cruise. In fact, 47% of the respondents to my last poll said they spent more than 4 hours in line during the cruise. Most everyone is hoping for a new seating system this year.

On the splash promo page that was on before the cruise went on sale, there was a line promising "assigned seating" this year. While that line does not appear on, it does seem that Rose Tours is making a change -- although they haven't seemed to have worked out just what that change will be.

From Angela on Ning:
"I have called them to ask about long line ups and seating.. I have chronic pain, so even if i wanted to i couldnt stand or sit in line for hours, i am also blind in my right eye so i cant see anything from a distance. I had to fill out a medical form for them and fax it in..So since the second payment was due i called to ask if they have worked any of this out for me. She said no!! I told her i didnt want to make the next payment if arrangements couldnt be made for me and still couldnt give me an answer. She told me not to worry about it (easy for them to say) Anyhow what she did tell me is they are trying something different with the seating and are still working on the logistics of all the seating>.. hmmmm Something tells me they still will be trying to figure it out in May!!"
In the off chance that Jeannie reads this blog, here's what I would like to see: assignments that designate you to a specific booth or section of a row. For example, you could be "floor row 3, left center," "floor row 4, right," or "balcony booth 9." It wouldn't be too difficult to number each booth. Since the rows are quite long, I would want to divide them into at least 4 sections each: split down the center and then divided in half. Otherwise I can envision people lining up hoping to get the aisle seats. We don't need a fancy system; masking tape on the seats dividing the rows and signs with numbers on each table would work fine.

What do you think cruisers? What would your ideal seating system be?


  1. i like your assesment of how seating should be. If we already know where we are seating, we spend less time "waiting" in line like last year. I also spent hours waiting and well, that just sucked.

  2. I agree, we were hoping for a system very similar to what you said. We didn't really spend any time standing in line last year, but because of that we had horrible seats at everything :( I do feel bad for Rose Tours because no matter how they try to do it people are going to complain. BUT, they had a long time to figure all the logistics out before tickets went on sale and they should have been clearer about how "assigned seating" was going to work. I'm not going to be too thrilled if all of the events are zoned, I don't think that helped too much and one of the problems is groups try to spread 4 or 5 people out in an 8 person booth. The last few people that come in end up not being able to sit with their roommates. I'm rambling....all of that is to say I agree with you! I hope Jeannie reads it, I sent her an email expressing the same thoughts months ago, but haven't gotten a response.

  3. Your idea sounds perfect! I really really don't want to spend hours in line again.

  4. I dont think Rose Tours will figure anything out. Look what happened when tickets went on sale for the pre-sale..then on sale for the general public.
    Also if you went last yr you know there were no #'s on the they would have to # everything. Also w the booth how do you fix that? And we all know how many poles there are where the concert was..they're everywhere!!
    Let's be honest..we all saw those woman who didnt care where they were "suppose" to sit..they pushed shoved or "flirted" their way to a better seat.
    If RT does come up w something I hope they test it first.
    Maybe they will put the #'s on the wooden part of the seats with magnets! HAHAHA (still not happy w that one hahaha)