Thursday, November 12, 2009

Live from the cruise: KT-TV

My husband has done some pretty cool techno-geek BH stuff for me in the past (made me a personalized Joe Mac app, put Hangin Tough Live on our HTPC, loaded The Block onto the PS3), but this may be the best yet.

Last week, we picked up our Droid phones. And last night, husband installed on mine a beta client called Qik. Qik on the Droid works like UStream on a PC. Two clicks on my phone and whatever I'm doing is streaming in live DVD quality video on the internet. Plus, it has a live chat feature so I can see what you're replying while I'm filming.

You know what this means? I could be at the NKOTB cruise sail away party next May, phone in the air, and you could be seeing everything as it's happening. HOW COOL IS THAT??

My 2009 roomie Malina asked last night if there was a limit to how long a video could be. I don't think so. What will limit me, though, is that I'll be using the ship's $0.50/minute wi-fi, so I won't be streaming hours of coverage. But every now and then (from approved video-friendly events) you could get a live peek of the cruise.

Qik automatically starts a video feed when I start filming, so I envision that weekend you can leave a browser window open to with the volume on high, and randomly throughout the three days, the noise of live video will scare the pants off of you. Don't worry if you miss one, because videos are stored on my channel so you can watch them anytime.

(Because it is so easy to go live, I'm a bit worried that husband will swipe my phone and start streaming things like me brushing my teeth, but let's hope not.)

Here's a sample video we did last night of the most exciting film subject in the house: our cat.


  1. I just checked it out a little more, and it works on my BB too! But I don't have wi-fi, so my qik is going to be land bound.

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  3. I totally think every person who reads your blog/Twitter should send you a few bucks. I would. I can't afford the cruise, but I would love to live vicariously through you!
    Cheri0124 on twitter
    (sorry for the delete--typo)

  4. THANK YOU!!! This is so awesome! I'm on the waitlist (regular) and I have little hope of ever getting on that boat. You are such a sweetie for sharing.

  5. couldnt you just enjoy the cruise yourself rather than trying to do the managements job? if nkotb want to live stream they will.

    i am sure you are just trying to be helpful, but your blog comes over very self-indulgent.

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Little Miss Anonymous better watch her tongue! If she doesn't like Katie's blog then why are you reading it? And then giving us your un needed two cents?
    Katie would show pwople more then what NK management would..Plus Katie has been MORE THEN HELPFUL to everyone for the last how many months?!?!?! She takes her time to help everyone out.
    Maybe Anonymous is jealous because she isnt going on the cruise or maybe because she's just not a nice person.
    Katie I thank you for your blogs and for helping me w/the Joe songs. I'll be on the cruise & I'll look foward to everything you post once I get home!!

  7. This sounds fantastic. Thank you so much for being willing to share, and thank you to your husband for being such a tech-wizz.

  8. This is amazing!! It's great you're willing to share. Not sure what the other anon's problem is.... sounds like jealousy to me! Keep doing what you're doing KT!!