Friday, March 5, 2010

As predicted, March cancellations have started

So far it would seem at least one of my March predictions is coming true. Rose Tours is back to making wait list calls. The last I had heard a few weeks ago, we were up to around #2450 on the wait list.

Today, wait lister #2462 Chrissy (@th4ever) got a call and was offered a choice of a few cabins. She was given until Monday to decide. Her options were a choice of a single room, arranged match, or a double with a roommate of her choice. The cabin options were deck 6 for the double room and deck 4 for the single or match.

Chrissy said she signed up for the wait list with a roomie, but she already got on so she opted for the single. I asked for the double if she would have been allowed to book whomever she wanted or if she had to choose someone already on the wait list. Chrissy said it sounded like she could choose whomever she wanted.

Please keep me updated if you get a call!

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  1. i´m on wait list 3010 i think... hope i have a chance

  2. Katie I don't know if you have the answer but I was wondering what # the wait list started with? Im lucky enough to be on the boat but I was wondering if the wait list started with #1? Because that would mean 2000+ ppl cxl'd? I couldnt imagine that! Thanks & good luck to all!! Maybe next yr they could maybe run 2 cruises???? Then everyone could experience this :)

  3. Kimmie, the wait list started at 2400. However, I heard there are about 2000 people on the wait list.

  4. Just sent you an @reply... from @Mleonard0128

  5. Thanks Katie! I was just curious to know how it was being worked :) Maybe next yr they should bok the biggest cruise ship there is lol