Monday, March 1, 2010

It's March!

We've finally gotten to March, where the snow melts, the flowers start to grow, and green appears back on the trees. (Or it had better, because I can't take much more winter.) First things first: final payment is due one month from today! As with the November payment, it will be automatically charged to your credit card, so be ready.

Here's what else I expect from March:
  1. Lots more people will cancel. The upcoming payment for many is "the big one," with lots of people owing $1000 or more. This may finally be the reality check some cruisers need, and with summer shows announced, they may not be so upset about missing the boat.

  2. Those that cancel will probably find replacements on their own. The cancellation penalty is now up to 50%, and after April 9 it becomes no refund at all. Few people will be okay with losing out on $700+, so I expect to see lots of vacancies up for grabs that side-step the wait list.

  3. We won't find out what the themes are. I'm hoping to be wrong on this, but I'm not expecting to hear anything until April.

  4. We will find out if there's a pre-party. This may be wishful thinking, but I'm somewhat basing it on @krisfitz7's info that Danny promised to announce a pre-party "in a few weeks" a few weeks ago. I'd be surprised if the party doesn't happen since it's such a great fundraising opportunity.
In a month we'll find out if I got any of this right. What do you think? What are your predictions for March cruise news?

p.s. Just another reminder: final payment due one month from today!

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  1. Katie.. Thanks for all your useful blogs.. :) When I made a payment about a month ago, I asked questions about the themes and I was told by Jeannie that they weren't even meeting with NKOTB until March and won't know until then.. HTH.

    ~Jenn... @JKsFaveGrl

  2. We made our final payments a few weeks ago. After hearing all the horror stories we decided to just pay it off.
    I agree w you Katie--I wish if there are going to be themes that they announce them. The stores have soooo much stuff on clarence & it's summer stuff! This would be the time to buy. I think White night was a mess for all of us haha It took 2 weeks to find a white dress!
    If there is a specific theme for the door (if they even do it) I prob wont be part of it since I started my door yesterday while watching the Coming Home DVD lol Im just doing what I want. Also--dont know if this will help anyone: Im shipping my door decorations to the hotel Im staying @ on Thursday. It was so hard last yr to get poster board and all that in the suitcase. So by the poster board they have a flat shipping box the same size. It may cost me a little more but I dont have to worry about packing it & then having to do it Thur night at the hotel. Thanks Katie for the measuements! Last yr I went way to big!

  3. My girlfriend and I paid off our cruise about a month ago. A nice feeling to have! Looking forward to hearing the themes...just wish it was sooner than a couple weeks prior to the cruise. Thanks for the blog girl!

  4. This is the month that I have to make my decision if I can still go or not. Yup, you were right about me not wanting to lose everything I've paid. Thanks to my wonderful roommates, we have in writing that if I need to cancel (for health reasons) their cabin will become a triple, and I'll be subject to the posted penalties. My cabin was one of the least expensive, so at least if I have to cancel, I won't be losing too much.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed that I can go, but the days are passing far too quickly!