Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random this and that

Hi all, I've seen several random but important things come through in the last day or so. In case you missed anything, here are the highlights:
  • The waitlist is up to at least #2481. Calls seem to have been coming in on Fridays, so be ready tomorrow.
  • Rose Tours told @jencaseysmith this morning that they would be sending out the first email "in the next few days." No word on what this email will contain. My bet is on "don't forget you will be paying us money very soon" but door decorating info or - dare I hope - themes would be nice!
  • Those who booked pre-cruise rooms at the Intercontinental using the Rose Tours group rate were charged for their rooms today. No one seems to know why, as there wasn't a word about paying the full amount in advance anywhere on either company's site or the reservation emails.
  • A few people posted on ning that they had wanted to move to early dining but were told early dining was "full." Not sure what this means. Wouldn't both options be full if the ship is full? Will there be fewer people in late dining? Or will some that requested early dining be placed into late dining to even it out?
  • Final payment is due two weeks from today! Be ready!
Did I miss anything? Hear any other news or rumors floating around? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Last time I checked the Intercontinental reservation, it had a note that I had until April 13 to cancel or I would be charged for 1 night. Did anyone else have that note? Wonder why they are already charging? Thanks for the helpful blogs!!

  2. My e-mail from Intercontinental when I made the reservation also had the note about April 13. Strange!!

  3. We have 3 friends that Rose Tours recently let switch out of Early dining and into Late. I wonder if it was so easy because there are more people in Early dining?

    We didn't book a room at the Intercontinental, but have some friends who did and had to cancel. I think that the hotel sent out their regular policies for cancellations and payment, but at the bottom, in small print (of course, so no one would read it!), it had the specific policies that pertained to this group rate which were that it had to be canceled by 2/13/10 and that they would charge a deposit of one night after that date (why they picked 3/18, who knows!), which would be non-refundable if canceled.

  4. I switched from early dining to late without a problem! Guess that was because early dining was so full! I also booked with Intercontinental and was told in order to not be charged I would need to cancel before 2-13-10.

  5. Hi Katie, for some reason I can't log into the Ning network, but I was wondering if you could post this? I had to cancel my cruise reservation for health issues. No, it didn't create a vacancy because I was the last remaining person on the original reservation. But I had reserved and purchased my hotel reservation at the Marriott Biscayne hotel. I called them today and they said it could be transferred, but like Rosetours, they need someone to call and give her cc info before they transfer it. My reservation was for the 11th and 12th of May, and for two nights I paid a total of $200. I'm willing to take a hit if the hotel wants to charge the new person more. I simply want to help a blockhead out and don't want to lose all of my money on the hotel.


  6. I just tried to change my dining reservation from early to late and was told it wasn't possible at this time, but to email later.


  7. Katie,
    I found someone to take the hotel reservation.