Monday, March 29, 2010

When did you hear about . . .?

We're getting down to the wire! Wondering when we got important info last year? Here's the schedule from 2009:

April 8: Themes and info on door decorating

April 20: Danny's party announcement

April 24: Questionnaire for Family Feud

May 2: Carnival documents and instructions on dress code and cameras

May 5: Full itinerary (Thank you @ddubsLabRat!)

May 12: Invitation to submit Q&A questions

May 26: Thanks for attending

June 2: Link to photo op photos

July 31: Invitation to pre-sale for 2010

In other news, wait lister #2528 got a call today and passed, so we're up to at least #2529.


  1. Thank you!! I'm a first time cruiser and this is a huge help to what I can expect!!

  2. You are so organized it's scary.

  3. I'm going to manage my expectations and expect to hear everything one week later this year. It should lower my stress level :-)

  4. LOL Myka, I don't it's organization as much as not deleting anything. I just searched my email for "Rose Tours."

    Elizabeth, I came to two realizations that lowered my stress:
    1. There are people just finding out today they are on the boat. I have it SO much easier.
    2. It really does not matter what the themes are. They are supposed to be fun. It doesn't matter if the theme is "Everyone dress as the Kool Aid man," it will be fun. They won't put me in cruise jail if I don't have an exact theme outfit.