Monday, August 9, 2010

The Cruiser's Guide To the Galaxy

Okay, maybe not Galaxy. But possibly Destiny! As you may know, I will not be cruising next year, and therefore I will not be updating this blog much. (I won't say never, because I can't stay entirely silent, but updates will be more rare than regular.)

Part of my reason for deciding not to do the blog this year was that so much of the information would be the same as what's already written. While we don't know the exact itinerary or details, the ports are the same as past years, packing will be much the same, cell phones work the same, etc etc. So instead, what I've done is organized past entries by category so that you can (hopefully) find answers to your questions. And if you don't see something listed, try the search bar on the right.

Happy cruising!

General FAQs: includes arriving at the dock, passport requirements, pricing of items on board, booking flights, and much more.

Booking Your Cruise and Travel

Budgeting and Money

While On Board

Shopping and Packing

Receiving Cruise Details

Past Cruise Recaps

If you have special tips you'd like to share, please do so in the comments. Good luck to everyone booking on Friday!


  1. thanks for the blog.
    do you know if you'll be putting up a "HELP I need a roomie, non smoker, not crazy whatever" section for this cruise?

  2. hey there hope you don't mind I posted a link to your blog on a FB 2011 Crusiers group!!

  3. I love your blog. I'm from Spain and, unfortunately, I'm not in the 2011 Cruise (or any previous), but I could feel like I've been there with your stories. You 'll keep writing and I promise I'll keep reading.

    xoxo Vicky

  4. I can't wait to see the NKOTB Tour this year. I was a huge fan of both NKOTB and BSB back in the day... But they still sound and look great. See ya at one of the NY or NJ concerts!

  5. Love your blog! Get's me so excited for the cruise! Thanks :)

  6. Cruise trip is really good vacation idea.
    Everyday you explore a new place. Its better than spending a long time at one place.

  7. Hi Katie- I wanted to thank you for creating this blog. I actually am not a NK cruiser but a BSB cruiser. I came to your blog countless times before we set sail and still come back all the time. In turn I finally decided to use your site as an inspiration to start a more in depth cruise blog in the BSB community:
    I'm now 100 posts in and feel obligated to say thank you for getting me started :)

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